Limmud Conference 2016 — Saturday 17:00

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Progressive Ma'ariv

Yellow 23

A chance for Reform, Liberal and Wandering Jews to begin to transition from Shabbat to the week together.

Partnership minyan ma'ariv

Orange 14

An inclusive and tune-filled Orthodox tefilla (prayer) service. Women and men will lead certain parts of the service and men and women will sit separately.

Orthodox Ma'ariv

Purple 31

A warm and welcoming traditional UK United Synagogue style service, filled with many of your favourite tunes. Men and women sit separately and men lead the service.

Masorti Ma'ariv

Red 6

A Shabbat service of traditional nusach and contemporary melodies. We will daven the traditional liturgy using the Singer's prayer book. The service will be egalitarian - led by men and women - with mixed seating.

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