Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Presenters: A

Nic Abery

Nic has 20+ years experience in Jewish and formal education in the USA, Israel, Europe and the UK. She consults for both the Partnership of Jewish Schools (PaJeS) and Educating for Impact (EFI) using museum, art, objects and culture in the teaching of Jewish themes for schools and communities.

Sunday 10:00
Sunday 10:00 Sister Squad: how to get pre-batmitzvah girls engaged in Jewish learning and doing
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 "Hello Kitchen": a guide to the culinary novice
Tuesday 19:00
Tuesday 19:00 The future and present of Jewish education

Aliza Abolafia

Aliza Abolafia is the User Coordinator at Project Zug and a masters student at Harvard Divinity School. She spent two years learning at Hadar in NYC and is the prayer leader at the Havurah Minyan in Albany NY. Project Zug aims to connect Jews from across the world with each other - and with Jewish tradition - through 1:1 hevruta learning.

Sunday 15:00
Sunday 15:00 Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug
Monday 15:00
Monday 15:00 Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug
Tuesday 14:00
Tuesday 14:00 Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug

Grisha ( Ryhor) Abramovich

Limmud FSU Belarus organizing committee member, Chief Rabbi of the Progressive Jewish community of Belarus.

Monday 13:00
Monday 13:00 Spotlight on: Limmud FSU Belarus!

Hester Abrams

Hester Abrams is project leader and curator of the National Lottery supported House of Life at Willesden Jewish Cemetery, which opened as a public heritage site in 2020. She has conceived and produced new permanent exhibits, guided walks, events and exhibitions. Hester was director of Jewish Book Week and a Reuters journalist.

Monday 11:00
Monday 11:00 "Invisible City" A landscape of sound at Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Simon Albert

Simon Albert is a lawyer based in London practising competition law. Born in Frankfurt, Germany on the anniversary of Kristallnacht to 'second generation' expat British parents, he is a dual British/Czech national, having spent two years from 2017 restoring his late grandparents' former Czechoslovak citizenship.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 My father was a wandering European: triple loyalties in Brexit Britain - British, Jewish, European?

Anoushka Alexander-Rose

Anoushka Alexander-Rose is a postgraduate researcher at the Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish at the University of Southampton. Her PhD thesis is titled 'Vladimir Nabokov: Jewishness in Life and Work' and uses historical contexts to map the evolution of Nabokov's literary treatment of Jewishness throughout his oeuvre.

Tuesday 11:00
Tuesday 11:00 Vladimir Nabokov's wandering Jew: mapping the history of Agasfer

Rabbi Nathan Alfred

Nathan Alfred is a British-Israeli rabbi based in Jerusalem, where he works as Head of International Development and Community Building for the World Union for Progressive Judaism. He has built liberal communities in Brussels, Luxembourg and Singapore, as well as small groups across Southeast Asia.

Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Spotlight on: Jews in Asia!

Emma Alter

Emma Alter is both professional musician and Feldenkrais teacher. She has over twenty years experience of both world-class performance and teaching, specialising in working with performers. Her clients are diverse, but share a desire to improve their quality of life, through how they move.

Tuesday 09:00
Tuesday 09:00 Are you sitting comfortably? Feldenkrais @ Limmud

Muhammed Amin Evans

Shaykh Muhammad Amin Evans graduated from the Al-Mahdi Institute with the Alimiyyah degree and also has a BA in Humanities and Religious Studies. He is currently a Director of Theology to the Association of British Muslims and a founding member of the Interreligious Symposia where Imams, Priests and Rabbis meet to discuss theology, textuality, history and eat together.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 What do you have in mind when you say Messiah / Mashiach?

Daniel Anderson

Daniel presents and facilitates thought-provoking lectures, discussions and workshops on Jewish ethics, philosophy and history. He aims to leave attendees with more questions than answers and runs the popular 'Lunch & Learn' programme at Cockfosters & N. Southgate Synagogue.

Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Atheism’s Black Box: Godless morality - or just arbitrary ethics?

Rachel Anticoni

Rachel is currently the Chief Operating Officer at the Royal Free Hospital London and is also a trustee for Jewish Care. She has most recently featured in the BBC’s ‘Hospital’ programme documenting life inside the Royal Free during the first Covid peak and the recovery that followed.

Tuesday 10:00
Tuesday 10:00 Dealing with Covid: The Royal Free London and Royal Free Charity's response

Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer

Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in education, Jewish studies and Islamic studies as well as a Ph.D. in education. At present, she works as the coordinator of the Zacharias Frankel College and lectures at the University of Potsdam, Germany on all topics related to religious education.

Tuesday 09:00
Tuesday 09:00 "One size fits all" - new models for religious education in German public schools and their implications for the Jewish community

Jonathan Arkush

Jonathan Arkush is the immediate past President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, where he served from 2015-2018. He is Co-chair of Milah UK, the communal body that defends and protects brit milah in the UK and beyond. He sits on the executive committee of Shechitah UK which has the same role for shechita. In professional life he is a barrister, mediator and part time judge in the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales.

Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 The Threat to Jewish Religious Freedom in Europe

Yonatan Arnon

Yonatan Arnon, a rabbinical student and BeWise Fellow in Jewish Entrepreneurialism at HUC-JIR. He began dancing at an early age and has integrated his spiritual and movement experiences, founding his signature MoveMeant - Embodying Sacred Texts. Kobi Goodwin,singer-songwriter and High Holiday prayer leader performed for audiences across America.

Sunday 19:00
Sunday 19:00 MoveMeant-Embodying Sacred Texts
Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 20:00 Rashut Harabim as a Pluralistic Hub for Jewish Entrepreneurship in Jerusalem

Bradley Shavit Artson

Bradley Shavit Artson holds the Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Dean's Chair of the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and is Vice President of American Jewish University in Los Angeles. A Professor of Philosophy, he is particularly interested in theology, ethics, and the integration of science and religion. He is also dean of the Zacharias Frankel College at the University of Potsdam, Germany, ordaining Conservative rabbis for Europe.

Monday 18:00
Monday 18:00 Adam, Eve, & the Snake: Look What Happens When You Don’t Include Women!

Ian Austin

Ian Austin is chair of Mainstream, the Campaign Against Extremism and is the UK Trade Envoy to Israel. He was the MP for Dudley North, 2005-2019.Ian is Non-aligned member of the House of Lords as He left the Labour Party in 2019 in protest at antisemitism. He is a supporter of Labour Friends of Israel and chaired the Parliamentary Group on Holocaust Commemoration

Monday 17:00
Monday 17:00 Can antisemitism mean different things to different people?

Kenneth Austin

Kenneth Austin is senior lecturer in Early Modern European History at the University of Bristol, and author of 'The Jews and the Reformation' (Yale University Press, 2020)

Sunday 10:00
Sunday 10:00 Jews and Christians in Early Modern Europe

Daniel Aviv

Daniel Aviv was born in Israel and moved to Germany when he was six years old. Still wondering whether he is a German Jew, jewish German or just simply a Jew living in Germany, he also explores this question professionally by pursuing a Master of Education degree in Jewish Education and Political Science.

Sunday 14:30
Sunday 14:30 Ashkenas 2.0? The new Jewish identities in Germany (short session)

Ami Ayalon

Ami Ayalon is the former commander of the Israeli navy, director of the Shin Bet security agency, cabinet minister, Knesset member, and recipient of the Medal of Valour, Israel’s highest military decoration. He organised and was featured in the Academy Award-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers. He is the author of Friendly Fire.

Tuesday 17:00
Tuesday 17:00 Friendly Fire: how Israel became its own worst enemy

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