Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Presenters: F

Alastair Falk

Alastair and Limmud go back over 40 years, when his trip to Coalition forAlternatives in Jewish Education in the USA inspired him to start something similar here. He never imagined back then how a succession of talented folk would grow the idea to the Limmud we know and love today! He is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Limmud by starting a new Jewish Fringe Festival, Tsitsit.

Monday 21:00
Monday 21:00 Reliving the origins of Limmud
Tuesday 14:30
Tuesday 14:30 Tsitsit - a new Jewish Fringe Festival (short session)

Seth Farber

Seth Farber is the founder and director of ITIM: The Jewish Life Information Center He serves as the founding rabbi of Kehilat Netivot in Raanana where he lives with his wife Michelle and their five children. Seth received his PhD from the Hebrew University.

Tuesday 18:00
Tuesday 18:00 How Jewish is the Modern Jewish State - a View From the Frontlines

David Feldman

David Feldman is director of the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism and a Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London. He has written widely on the history of Jews in Britain and on the history of antisemitism. His expertise has been sought by the United Nations, the OSCE and UNESCO as well as by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism, the Antisemitism Policy Trust, the Football Association and the Labour Party. His writing on the Labour Party and antisemitism has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, Financial Times, Haaretz, History Workshop Online and The Political Quarterly.

Monday 18:00
Monday 18:00 The IHRA working definition of antisemitism - what is it good for?

Shimon Felix

Shimon Felix is an Orthodox rabbi who was born in New York and made aliyah in the early ‘70s. He has worked and taught at a wide range of communal and educational frameworks, in Orthodox as well as non-Orthodox, pluralistic, frameworks, in Israel, North America, and the UK. Felix taught for many years at Yeshivat Hamivtar and Michlelet Bruria, and served as a shaliach in London twice, once as rabbi and educator at Yakar, and again as assistant to Jonathan Sacks. He is the executive director emeritus of the Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel, and is one of the founding directors of Regarding Israel, an educational travel company.

Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 20:00 A taste of Limmud - highlights from the years

Leon Fenster

Leon Fenster is an artist from London, based in Taiwan. His art joyfully re-imagines and reinvents the familiar, taking the viewer on whimsical journeys through real and imagined cities, family histories, alternative architectural worlds and midrashic Jewish stories. Widely exhibited, his art form emerges from a combination of his love of storytelling, architecture, community building and Jewish ritual and music. Leon also co-leads The Taiwan Jewish Community, an independent shul in Taipei. Current projects include a Haggadah and depictions of a growing number of cities. Let him know which city you think he should draw next!

Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Spotlight on: Jews in Asia!

Alex Fenton

Alex Fenton has had an active interest in the Russian-speaking world for almost a decade, but is still hopelessly average at actually speaking to the locals. What began as an optimistic attempt to learn the cursedly difficult Russian language has taken him to Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. For six years he ran Jewish youth camps in Belarus, taking in several of the country's fascinating cities. Alex was Director of Public Affairs at Reform Judaism for six years until this summer. Nowadays, he is a humble civil servant, working as Senior Policy Advisor in the Department of Health and Social Care.

Tuesday 11:00
Tuesday 11:00 Belarus in 2020: on the brink of change

Rebecca Fetterman

Becca grew up in RSY-Netzer, inspiring her to study Youth Work at Durham. After 2 years of Movement Work, she worked with young people in a variety of settings, including managing a NEET program, an inclusion unit and a manager in Buck’s youth service. She is currently the Director of Youth for Liberal Judaism and the proud mother of 2 girls.

Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Are the kids alright?

Gila Fine

Gila Fine is editor in chief of Maggid Books (Koren Publishers Jerusalem). She is also a teacher of Aggada, exploring the tales of the Talmud through philosophy, literary criticism, psychoanalysis, and pop-culture. A faculty member of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, the Nachshon Project, and the Bronfman Fellowship, Gila has taught thousands of students at conferences, community centers, and synagogues across the Jewish world. Haaretz has called her “a young woman on her way to becoming one of the more outstanding Jewish thinkers of the next generation.”

Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 20:00 A taste of Limmud - highlights from the years

Anthony Finkelstein

Anthony Finkelstein CBE FREng DSc is Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security, HM Government. He is a fellow of The Alan Turing Institute and holds a chair at UCL. He is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. He served as dean of Engineering & Head of Computer Science at UCL. He is president elect of City, University of London.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 Strategic Advantage in National Security

Ellen Flax

Ellen Flax is a philanthropy consultant who workers with both foundations and grant seekers. She is also a longtime member of Limmud's International Chavruta team. She received her rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 Hair - The Jewish Edition

Ittay Flescher

Ittay Flescher is a journalist with Plus61J Media in Jerusalem. He frequently writes about the politics, court cases, culture and religious struggles of his homeland in a manner that engages, informs and educates English speakers with an interest in understanding the Israel of 2020.

Monday 14:00
Monday 14:00 The State of Israel V Benjamin Netanyahu

Yehudis Fletcher

Yehudis is a social and political activist. She is an ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Adviser) at Migdal Emunah and co-founder of Nahamu, a think tank examining extremism in the Jewish community. Yehudis is a student of Social Policy at Salford University.

Monday 14:00
Monday 14:00 Who is a (Charedi) Jew?

Jessica Foster

Jessica Foster, Deacon in the Church of England, is a chaplain to the Bishop of Birmingham and a tutor in interfaith engagement at the Queens Foundation - a centre for training Christian ministers. She has been involved in grassroots interfaith for the last ten years and has been part of several initiatives led by the Council of Christians and Jews.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 What do you have in mind when you say Messiah / Mashiach?

Harry Freedman

An author who formerly worked in business and as Masorti Executive Director, his publisher Bloomsbury describes him as Britain's leading author of popular works of Jewish culture and history. As well as Reason to Believe, his recent books include 'The Talmud, a Biography', 'The Murderous History of Bilbie Translations' and 'Kabbalah'. New books due out 2021/2 are on Leonard Cohen and the UK Jewish Community.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Reason To Believe - The Controversial Life of Rabbi Louis Jacobs

House of French (in French)

Our House of French (in French) is being led by Jim Dratwa who lives in Brussels. Jim designs and hosts Limmud trainings and transformation processes at national, European, and global levels. He co-led Limmud in Belgium in 2011-2015 and co-organised the first Global-Limmud-Volunteers-Summit in 2016-2018. He combines service to the community with academic and international public administration activities.

Tuesday 10:00
Tuesday 10:00 House of... French

Miri Freud-Kandel

Miri Freud-Kandel is fellow and lecturer in Modern Judaism in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Oxford. She is also co-convener of the annual Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism. Her research focuses on the theological development of modern and contemporary Judaism, in particular examining Orthodox Judaism, British Jewry, and gender issues. Her latest book is a co-edited volume on Yitz Greenberg and Modern Orthodoxy: The Road not Taken (Boston, 2019). She has a book length study on Louis Jacobs and the Quest for a Contemporary Jewish Theology, due to be published by Littman next year.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Reason To Believe - The Controversial Life of Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Irina Fridman

Irina Fridman is a librarian, local historian and author of Foreigners, Aliens, Citizens - Medway and its Jewish community, 1066-1939. She is the education leader of the Chatham Memorial Synagogue, and a committee member of the local SACRE and Medway Inter-Faith Action Group.

Sunday 18:00
Sunday 18:00 Foreigners, Aliens, Citizens - Medway and its Jewish community

Edie Friedman

Edie Friedman was born in Chicago and moved to the UK more than 40 years ago. Concerned to strengthen the link between social justice and Jewishness, in 1976 she founded the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE), of which she is now the executive director. She speaks widely on race and asylum issues.

Sunday 14:00
Sunday 14:00 Heroes of Jewish activism against racism

Ruth Friedman

Ruth Friedman is a well-being and stress management coach. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Whole Body Focusing Trainer. She supports her clients to practice better self-care and build resilience. Ruth is originally from London and she has lived in Belgium since 2004, where she is an active member of the International Jewish Community.

Monday 10:00
Monday 10:00 Focusing as a doorway into Jewish spirituality - an introduction to the life and work of Eugene Gendlin

Zsuzsanna Fritz

Zsuzsa Fritz is the coordinator of the Jewish Knowledge Center of the JCC Budapest – Balint Haz, Hungary. She is a Jewish educator active and involved in the Hungarian Jewish community. She is the Director for Jewish Leadership and Well-BeingJDC Szarvas International Jewish Youth summer camp.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 I am a Hungarian Jew

Hadassah Fromson

Hadassah is a psychologist (DPsych) and Rebbetzin at GGS. She has a clinical practice in Golders Green, runs psychoeducation workshops and is training as a Yoetzet Halacha. Hadassah is from Gibraltar, studied in Michlala, UCL and City. She has a passion for teaching Psychology and Torah to enhance spirituality and self-development.

Sunday 20:00
Sunday 20:00 On the surface of the deep: exploring self-esteem through Genesis

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