Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Presenters: J

Madison Jackson

Madison Jackson lives in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and is the founder of the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program, a non-profit which matches together Jews from around the world with pen pals in other countries for either virtual or handwritten correspondence. She also freelance writes for various organizations.

Monday 18:00
Monday 18:00 The pen pal perspective: How the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program has brought world Jewry together

Ivor Jacobs

Ivor Jacobs is a 14-year Trustee of Friends of, constantly adding content to the first site and to the new site. Almost all of the books, articles, videos and information by and on Rabbi Jacobs is online. To commemorate the 100th year since Louis Jacobs birth Dr Harry Freedman has written a new biography.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Reason To Believe - The Controversial Life of Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Zöe Jacobs

A long time fan of Limmud, Cantor Zöe Jacobs was the first ordained cantor in the Reform Movement. She was ordained in 2009 from HUC-JIR and is a product of summer camp. Zoe is passionate about singing with others, so spends a lot of time online with her community, FRS, and is thrilled for any opportunity to collaborate with friends!

Tuesday 21:00
Tuesday 21:00 And still we sing!


For over 30 years, Jami has provided practical and emotional support for the mental health of the Jewish community. Established in 1989, Jami works with individuals, communities and organisations to help prevent mental illness from developing, improve early intervention and promote wellbeing.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 "It's All in Your Head" - a discussion on psychosis and social change
Sunday 15:00
Sunday 15:00 Peer support group (Sun)
Monday 11:30
Monday 11:30 Creative Writing Group (start)
Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Creative Writing Group
Monday 15:00
Monday 15:00 Peer support group (Mon)
Tuesday 11:30
Tuesday 11:30 Being mindful of our wellbeing (short session)
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 OTs Holiday Baking Fun!
Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Resilience for Community Leadership
Tuesday 14:00
Tuesday 14:00 The mental health benefits of knitting (short session)
Tuesday 15:00
Tuesday 15:00 Peer support group (Tue)
Tuesday 21:00
Tuesday 21:00 What will change our world in the next 40 years?

Michelle Janes

Michelle is the Interim Co-CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and heads up its Leadership Development division, Lead. She is an experienced community leader with a background in training and education. She is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and enjoys nothing more than being beaten at board games by her two children!

Monday 15:00
Monday 15:00 Sustainable fundraising during COVID-19 and beyond
Tuesday 14:00
Tuesday 14:00 Decision making to secure a Jewish future

Laura Janner-Klausner

Laura Janner-Klausner is the former senior rabbi to Reform Judaism. She has focused on leadership training and Palestinian-Israeli/Muslim-Jewish dialogue. She has just published "Bitesize Resilience, A Crisis Survival Diary". She is a founding partner of a consultancy for leaders, focusing on societal issues such as race, gender and sexuality.

Tuesday 18:00
Tuesday 18:00 Do vile views make you a vile person?
Tuesday 21:00
Tuesday 21:00 What will change our world in the next 40 years?

Valeria Jegisman

Valeria is a journalist in Washington D.C. at Voice of America's Russian language division, covering U.S-Russia and transatlantic relations, Eastern Europe and US foreign policy. She has worked for various INGOs; at the Estonian newspaper Postimees; as press secretary at the Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and at World Jewish Relief in 2017.

Tuesday 11:00
Tuesday 11:00 Belarus in 2020: on the brink of change

_ Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service

Sheila Mattison - Social Worker & Adult Psychotherapist dealing with loss and grief, often of the complicated type. Margi Abeles - Medical Social Worker & systemic Family Therapist working with Holocaust survivors & refugees. For many years they have been JBCS supervisors & members of Clinical Advisory Group.

Monday 14:00
Monday 14:00 Managing bereavement during challenging times

_ Jewish Care

Paula Plaskow, is a palliative social worker and End of Life and Palliative Care Lead at Jewish Care. Her role is to educate her Social Work and Community Support team and other colleagues who support people in the community and our care homes with all aspects of end of life care education, including Advance Care Planning.

Sunday 10:00
Sunday 10:00 Chatty Cafe - Sunday
Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 Pass it on
Monday 10:00
Monday 10:00 Chatty Cafe - Monday
Tuesday 10:00
Tuesday 10:00 Chatty Cafe - Tuesday
Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Resilience for Community Leadership

_ Jewish Volunteering Network

At JVN, volunteers come first. JVN aims to help find everyone an opportunity that suits their interests, skills and availability. They do this by connecting volunteers to volunteering roles, stimulating more people to volunteer and to become the central source of inspiration and leadership for volunteering in the Jewish community.

Sunday 11:00
Sunday 11:00 How do we keep this amazing year for volunteering ongoing?

_ Jewish Women Aid

Jewish Women's Aid is the only specialist organisation in the UK supporting Jewish women and children affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Sunday 11:00
Sunday 11:00 The Masks we live in: Tackling Toxic Masculinity and Sexism in Youth Culture
Sunday 13:00
Sunday 13:00 Sexual Violence in Higher Education
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Domestic abuse & COVID19: a pandemic overview
Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Resilience for Community Leadership

Tzipporah Johnston

Tzipporah is a textile and mixed media artist based in Edinburgh, working primarily in hand embroidery. Her current projects include Neuk Collective, a new collective of neurodivergent artists from across Scotland, and The Fruit of Her Hands, a participatory textile art project to make a Torah mantle in honour of scrub- and mask-making volunteers.

Monday 14:30
Monday 14:30 The Fruit of Her Hands: making a COVID-19 Torah mantle (short session)

Oliver Joseph

Oliver Spike Joseph is rabbi for New North London and Havurah. He studied in Israel at the Conservative Yeshiva, Hartman Institute, Tel Aviv University and was ordained at the Ziegler in LA in 2015. Oliver previously worked in activist communities in Israel, the USA, Canada and the UK. He loves Jewish learning, cooking, hiking, martial arts and bicycles.

Sunday 18:00
Sunday 18:00 BRCA and Me

Anthony Julius

Anthony Julius is a lawyer, writer and academic.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 The two Abrahams
Monday 17:00
Monday 17:00 Can antisemitism mean different things to different people?

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