Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Presenters: O

Hagit Ofran

Hagit Ofran works at the “Settlement Watch” project at the Israeli peace movement “Peace Now”. Widely-recognised as one of Israel’s foremost experts on a full range of issues related to West Bank settlements and settlement-related developments in East Jerusalem, Hagit’s work includes travelling daily throughout the West Bank, examining aerial photos and browsing official Israeli documents. The “Settlement Watch” project serves as a resource for Israeli politicians, diplomats, international media organisations, and first and foremost for the Israeli public. She formerly worked for The Geneva Initiative and was Yossi Beilin’s personal assistant when he was the Minister of Justice. She lives in Jerusalem and received her B.A. in Jewish History from Hebrew University.

Monday 15:00
Monday 15:00 Briefing on the status of East Jerusalem with Silwan residents

Noam Osband

Noam is a musical comedian who has performed at events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the New York Comedy Music Festival and at venues including the Kennedy Center and the New York Friars Club. When not performing music, he's a radio/film producer whose work has been published by outlets such as the BBC, The Atlantic and Tablet Magazine.

Saturday 21:00
Saturday 21:00 Jewish Songs You Never Learned in Day School

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