Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Presenters: R

Charles Raab

Charles Raab is professorial fellow, University of Edinburgh; formerly professor of Government. Fellow, Alan Turing Institute. Research and publications on privacy, data protection, surveillance, regulation, ‘smart’ environments, policing, security, democracy, identity, data ethics. He has advised government departments and public agencies.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 New Technology: Benefits? Harms? Ethical Values?

Richard Reddie

Richard is the Director of Justice and Inclusion for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. He has published books on the slave trade and Martin Luther King, Jr, and last year attended CCJ's Yad Vashem Holocaust studies seminar. He lives in south west London and is proud to be originally from Bradford.

Monday 15:00
Monday 15:00 Black British history: remembering rightly as Jews and Christians

Danny Rich

Danny served as the Senior Rabbi and Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism in the UK. He now serves Three Counties Liberal Jewish Community and the Stevenage Liberal Synagogue, sits as a magistrate in South West London and has experience as a chaplain in a number of settings: prisons, a special hospital, general hospitals and hospices.

Tuesday 19:00
Tuesday 19:00 A peek over the prison walls of 21st century England

Simon Rickman

Simon is a development coach and mentor, who specialises in working with individuals and teams to help them make a significant change in their performance. He is actively involved in the Jewish community, and has delivered a range of webinars/workshops to ORT UK, Jewish Care, Masorti, CST and Lead.

Sunday 15:00
Sunday 15:00 The seven habits of highly effective Jews

Sarita Robinson

Sarita is Director of Community Partnerships (North) for Reform Judaism, supporting the growth of vibrant communities. Living in Hull, Sarita was Reform Judaism’s original homeworker and appreciates her colleagues joining her online. In her previous life, she was elected to Hull City Council and was cabinet member for Corporate Resources and Efficiency.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Do smaller Jewish communities have a future?

Ruti Roche

Ruti and husband Nahshon live in Ilford whilst their three children have made aliyah to Bnei Akiva communities. After retiring from Support Teaching in Jewish schools across the religious spectrum and working in a Norwood Family Centre, Ruti was invited to run weekly activities at a more leisurely pace, in two Jewish elderly care homes.

Sunday 09:00
Sunday 09:00 A long time ago: running activities in Jewish residential homes for the elderly

Simon Rocker

Simon Rocker is assistant editor (education) of the Jewish Chronicle, editing its Judaism and education pages. Born in Cardiff, he grew up in Newport, South Wales. He was co-writer of Rabbi Abraham Levy's memoirs, A Rocky Road

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Do smaller Jewish communities have a future?
Tuesday 21:00
Tuesday 21:00 What will change our world in the next 40 years?

Nachshon Rodrigues Pereira

Nachshon heads one of the fastest growing Jewish communities of the Netherlands, Bendigamos. He has twenty years of experience in chazzanut and Torah reading and is an educational director at the Jewish Seminary in Amsterdam. He teaches, creates education material and develops easy-to-use prayer books. He has a master’s degree in Political Science.

Monday 14:00
Monday 14:00 Introduction: How to read from the Torah in S&P trop

Hannah Rose

Hannah is one of Limmud Festival 2020's marketing and communications co-chairs. She is an incoming research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, and PhD student in far right extremism at KCL. Previously, Hannah was the elected President of the Union of Jewish Students, and now sits on the UJS trustee board.

Monday 17:00
Monday 17:00 How do we keep having 'arguments for the sake of heaven'?
Tuesday 17:00
Tuesday 17:00 Tom Tugendhat in conversation with Hannah Rose

Judi Rose

Foodwriter and chef Judi Rose is the daughter of legendary Evelyn Rose. Judi's latest book, To Life! Healthy Jewish Food, written with Dr Jackie Rose, proves you really can have your kugel and eat it. She runs cookery classes, workshops and cooking parties, currently virtual, on everything from strudel to sushi at The Cookery Studio in Ealing.

Monday 18:00
Monday 18:00 To life! New year, new you - an interactive cook-along, demo and Q&A

Philip Rosenberg

Phil Rosenberg is the Director of Public Affairs at the Board of Deputies of British Jews. With this, Phil has a leading role in formulating the community’s policy and advocacy. He was previously a Labour councillor in the London Borough of Camden. A longstanding activist in interfaith relations, Phil is co-chair of the Camden Faith Leaders Forum.

Sunday 17:00
Sunday 17:00 Antisemitism, Brexit and Coronavirus; An ABC of Jewish Public Policy

Judith Rosenberry

Rabbi Dr. Judith Rosen-Berry was congregational rabbi to the Liberal community Beit Klal Yisrael. She taught Modern Jewish Thought at the Leo Baeck College, and was a theology tutor at Rewley House, Oxford University. Judith now lives on the Isle of Skye working in conservation and teaching modern Jewish thought and theology remotely.

Sunday 09:00
Sunday 09:00 Theology and leadership -being radically open to oppositional voices

George Rosenfeld

From a young age, George has combined his passions for charity and social entrepreneurship to raise over £250,000 as the founder of various initiatives, including within the Jewish community. Currently in his final year studying Politics, Russian and Arabic at Cambridge, George participated in the Chief Rabbi’s Ben Azzai Programme in 2017.

Monday 19:00
Monday 19:00 As young British Jews, what are our responsibilities towards vulnerable global communities during the post COVID-19 era?

Jennie Rosenn

Jennie Rosenn is the Founder & CEO of Dayenu, a new organization mobilizing the American Jewish community to confront the climate crisis with spiritual audacity and bold political action. She has spent more than two decades advocating for social change and creating dynamic new initiatives at the heart of the Jewish social justice movement.

Tuesday 19:00
Tuesday 19:00 The Task is Urgent: Confronting the Moral Demands of the Climate Crisis

Adam Rossano

Adam Rossano is international director of Advancement at Moishe House, a global network of peer-led communities for Jews in their 20s and 30s. Adam has been active in Jewish leadership and informal education for more than 15 years. Adam is a trustee of Makor Hayim and lives in Willesden Green with his partner Becky and their 1 year-old son, Rafi.

Sunday 18:00
Sunday 18:00 “And you shall teach your children”: How about your parents? And friends? Redesigning Jewish learning & leadership for the 21st Century

Adina Roth

Adina Roth is a Psychologist and Jewish educator in Johannesburg. She has been a Limmud SA volunteer for many years. When not volunteering, she teaches Torah to b’nei mitzvah, kids and adults at B’tocham Education. A founding member of Johannesburg’s Jozi Partnership Minyan. She is currently a student at Maharat.

Sunday 17:00
Sunday 17:00 The best of Limmud South Africa: Aroused to laughter: Sarah’s conception scene re-visited

Arnold Roth

Frimet and Arnold Roth made aliyah in 1988. Their daughter Malki was murdered in the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing by Hamas. The Roths have campaigned since 2012 to see Ahlam Tamimi, the spearhead of the outrage, extradited by Jordan to face charges in Washington. Arnold Roth will speak about this intense undertaking and the issues it raises.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Seeking my daughter's killer

Judy Roth

Judy Roth is Volunteers Coordinator at Jewish Women’s Aid. She recruits and trains volunteers for a range of roles at the domestic abuse charity, including administration, education, awareness, and for the free, confidential helpline. She is based in London but manages volunteers across the UK. Judy previously worked as a health visitor and a teacher, and has experience of working in the Jewish community and charity sector.

Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Resilience for Community Leadership

Dani Rotstein

Dani Rotstein is a film producer, history-teller, Rikud-aholic, and community organizer living in Mallorca, Spain. In 2018, he founded Limud Mallorca and has run over 50 successful events promoting diversity and inclusion in the small yet growing Jewish community.

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 12:00 Live walking tour: The secret Jews of Majorca

Naomi Rowe

Naomi Rowe is a practising music therapist, vocalist and social activist. She has worked in special education throughout her career and as a freelance therapist now works with both children and adults, many of whom are neurodiverse and/or LGBTQ+.She is co-chair of Midlands Limmud and was recently on the committee for Limmud: Tour of Britiain.

Tuesday 11:00
Tuesday 11:00 Intersectionality for the Limmud Community

Emma Rozenberg

Emma researches mamzerut as a contemporary issue in the British Jewish community. She is a PhD student at King's College London, a former matrimonial lawyer, and a longstanding Limmudnik. To participate in her research, or for more information, please contact

Monday 09:00
Monday 09:00 Jewish ‘untouchables’: the plight of the mamzer in the 21st century

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