Limmud Festival 2020 - Presenters

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Limmud Elements @ Festival (LE@F)

Limmud Elements @ Festival is designed to enable Limmud volunteers from around the world to connect, develop skills and access the support as individual volunteers and as representatives of their Limmud communities. The Limmud Elements team runs centralised training throughout the year and can also offer bespoke training for your Limmud community.

Monday 11:00
Monday 11:00 LE@F - Putting the Limmud values into Limmud
Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 LE@F - Mingle Mingle Mingle! Networking with other international volunteers
Tuesday 11:00
Tuesday 11:00 LE@F - Tzedakah vs. Charity: How Fundraisers Help Donors

Limmud @40 Programming

This year marks Limmud's 40th birthday! Join us for sessions looking back at how Limmud has got to this point and ahead as we discuss the big questions which will shape the 40 years to come.

Sunday 09:00
Sunday 09:00 40 years of stories - what has Limmud meant to you?
Sunday 21:00
Sunday 21:00 What happens to Judaism after the synagogue?
Monday 13:00
Monday 13:00 One Step Further: The Impact of Limmud
Monday 17:00
Monday 17:00 How do we keep having 'arguments for the sake of heaven'?
Monday 20:00
Monday 20:00 The evolution of Limmud - 40 years in 40 minutes
Monday 21:00
Monday 21:00 Reliving the origins of Limmud
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Does Am Yisrael Chai?
Tuesday 13:00
Tuesday 13:00 Do smaller Jewish communities have a future?
Tuesday 15:00
Tuesday 15:00 How does the Jewish community remain intact?
Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Are the kids alright?
Tuesday 18:00
Tuesday 18:00 Is 2020 a turning point in how Jewish communities function?
Tuesday 20:00
Tuesday 20:00 A taste of Limmud - highlights from the years
Tuesday 21:00
Tuesday 21:00 What will change our world in the next 40 years?

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