Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Friday 13:00

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Serach bat Asher: The immortal woman

Eryn London 

It is taught that Serach bat Asher never died. She is only mentioned twice in the chumash (once in Parshat Vayigash), but she is a character that comes up in many stories throughout the ages. We will look at who she is and what might her role be within Jewish history.

Joseph’s Tent of Games: now in technicolour

Limmud Shabbat Team 

Join Yvette for some pre-Shabbat fun as we take on the story of Vayigash through a series of TV gameshows and board game classics.

Can You Fast Half a Day?: 10 Tevet and the Minor Fasts

Ethan Tucker 

The fast of 10 Tevet is today and it brings into conflict the fast (which finishes at sundown) and shabbat (which begins before sundown). How can we resolve this contradiction between the mourning of the fall of Jerusalem today and rejoicing in our Shabbat?

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