Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 10:00

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A comparative perspective of the memorialization of Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust

Sivan Gaides 

This session, based on personal experience, will explore how the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust are memorialized, discussing how victimhood is perceived and marketed in both cases by the key players in this tug of war over public perception. Also included is a short interview with a representative of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem.

Alphabets and Judaism

Michael Marmur 

Fascination with language and all of its constituent parts, right down to the letters themselves, is part of Jewish culture, and has been for millennia. In this session we will look at some examples of this fascination, and ask how the alphabet may make you think differently about the things you care about most.

 Alphabet Judaism.docx

Engineering vascularized tissue for medical and food applications

Shulamit Levenberg 

This session will describe how engineered tissues can be used for regeneration of various tissues (such as muscle, bone, spinal cord or pancreas). The session will discuss how formation of blood vessels in the engineered tissues allows better survival and function of the implants, and how tissue engineering can be used to produce cultured meat.

Focusing as a doorway into Jewish spirituality - an introduction to the life and work of Eugene Gendlin

Ruth Friedman 

Eugene Gendlin was a child refugee due to the Nazis. He went on to create a process called focusing. Focusing helps you access bodily feelings you don’t yet have words for, to gain new insights. In the session we will learn about Gendlin’s life, have an experience of focusing, and explore its connection to Jewish spirituality and to Gendlin’s roots.

 Handout Ruth Friedman on Gendlin v2.pdf

In conversation with Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party

Keir Starmer  Carolyn Bogush 

Keir Starmer was elected Leader of the Labour Party in April 2020, replacing Jeremy Corbyn. He joins Limmud for an exclusive conversation in which he will present his vision for the party. If you cannot get in the sessions is also being live-streamed here:

Red herring or elephant in the room? The role of antisemitism in the Arab-Israeli conflict

David Stone 

The Arab-Israeli conflict has been raging for over 100 years and has eluded all attempts to date to resolve it. I will present, in outline, its causes and consequences, and will seek to establish the extent to which antisemitism initiated and sustained the violence. Finally, I will describe how all of us can play our part in achieving peace.

The new siddur of the Israeli Reform Movement

Dalia Marx  Alona Lisitsa 

This session will present and discuss the new Israeli Reform Siddur - Tfillat HaAdam - that combines Jewish traditions with new liturgy that deals with issues of pluralism, democracy, women’s rights while combining modern Israeli poetry and literature with traditional blessings.

Can Backgammon Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Zaki Djemal 

The Co-Founder of Kulna Yerushalayim, Zaki Djemal, explores the power of backgammon and play more broadly in bringing down barriers and building bridges between Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.

Chatty Cafe - Monday

_ Jewish Care 

Welfare Hub

Pop along with a cuppa for a chat with a friendly face, at our virtual Chatty Café. Meet new and old friends of all ages and backgrounds. Share a story or two about Limmud or anything else! (Facilitated by staff of Jewish Care)

Chavruta - Monday (continued)

Limmud Chavruta 

This is a continuation of the session which began at 9:00. It is not possible to join part way through the session.

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