Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 11:00

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"Invisible City" A landscape of sound at Willesden Jewish Cemetery

Hester Abrams  Vicki Harris  Nataliya Kharina  Isla Kaufmann  Derek Bloom 

The United Synagogue launches its first ever artists' commission for the London Borough of Culture 2020's Brent Biennial this month. Artists FOR NOW have built a sonic city full of stories and memories that wash over Willesden Cemetery. The people behind the voices of "Invisible City" talk about what family, home and Willesden mean to them.

Commission on Racial Inclusivity in the Jewish Community

Stephen Bush 

The Board of Deputies established its Commission on Racial Inclusivity, after the killing of George Floyd and the international outcry that followed, to hear about the experiences of Black Jews, Jews of Colour and Mizrachi, Sephardi and Yemenite Jews. Led by the Commission's Chair, Stephen Bush, this session will offer insights into recommendations currently being considered, and the likely implications for the Jewish community.

Connecting the commonwealth - through faith, friendship and feminism (short session)

Lauren Keiles 

The newly formed 'Interfaith Commonwealth Youth Alliance' is connecting young people from across the world, with a passion for social change. Join Lauren Keiles, Moishe House Resident and Mary Mugabi, Executive Director of a female empowerment organisation in Uganda, to learn about their shared priorities of the Interfaith Group on Women's Rights. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

Deep listening - a chance to learn and practice

Emily Kasriel 

Do Jews know how to listen? Join Emily Kasriel, to get a taste of Deep Listening and have a go with a fellow participant. This session draws on Emily's experience leading the BBC Crossing Divides season, as an Executive Coach, training with conflict mediators, and being an expert speaker in an MA module on Listening at the Hebrew University.

The best of Limmud South Africa: RBG tzedek tzedek tirdof

A Spotlight on Limmud South Africa  Dennis Davis 

International Hub

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - a discusssion of a great Jewish judge. What makes a great judge? Why was she a great judge? Judges as protectors of democracy and the boundaries over which a judge should not transgress.

Making a billion dollars prepared me for lockdown

Brian Teeman 

I discovered the internet before it was the web and since then I have worked to bring the benefits of the digital revolution to the entire world. Putting ideas into action, I have built a billion dollar global industry unlike any other. I have lived my life online for almost twenty years and perhaps each day was preparing myself for living under lockdown.

The socio-economic effect of COVID-19 in Israel: what can be done, and why it matters

Maskit Bendel 

We will explore the devastating effects that COVID has had on unemployment, poverty levels and chasms of inequality in Israel with leading experts in the field, including representatives from the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI). We’ll take a look at how this pandemic has exposed the fault lines in Israel’s deeply bureaucratic benefits system, and how change can be made that will serve Israelis from all backgrounds.

Unity and division: the tower of Babel

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Sharp words, idols on towers, toxic science: the midrash has a lot to say about the significance of the tower of Babel story, and on the themes of unity and division. Come and find out why building a tower was a big mistake, why God came down, and what Abraham thought about the whole thing ...

LE@F - Putting the Limmud values into Limmud

Limmud Elements @ Festival (LE@F)  Clive Lawton 

Join this interactive session exploring the uniqueness of Limmud. We talk about Limmud values like they may be well known, but how do we actually use them to guide our decisions throughout planning and running a Limmud event and building a Limmud community?

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