Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 12:00

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"Hello Kitchen": a guide to the culinary novice

Nic Abery 

Mike and Benny are 70 somethings who spent 3 months learning the basics of preparing and cooking a series of nutritious meals taught by their two daughters. This live cooking session and discussion will explain how they did it.

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Atheism’s Black Box: Godless morality - or just arbitrary ethics?

Daniel Anderson 

Today's radical atheists claim that God is not just a product of a bygone age of ignorance and superstition, but that religion is responsible for much of the hatred and bigotry that we see around us today. In this session, however, I will demonstrate that a Godless world is itself one synonymous with an age of barbarism.

 Atheism's Black Box (Handout).pdf

Building temples in time: the science of synchrony and social bonding

Joshua Bamford 

Judaism provides a recipe for structuring time, creating opportunities for moments of synchrony with others. This talk will provide psychological and anthropological perspectives on the use of synchrony – through ritual song and dance – as a tool for promoting social bonds. We will explore how these general principles apply in a Jewish context.

Creative Writing Group


Welfare Hub

Grab pen and paper, then join us for some inspired writing! This session is from our Hubs Online programme.

How to be less busy and get more done: 10 top tips to manage time more effectively

Juliet Landau-Pope 

Are you overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list? Do you avoid important tasks at home, at work or while studying? How do you manage your most precious resource, namely time? This session outlines ten top tips to boost productivity and wellbeing.

Medical Robotics, Smart Devices, IoT- Are We Ready For That Next Revolution

Alon Wolf 

In the old days, surgical procedures were performed by barbers who, between haircuts and bloodletting, also performed invasive procedures that in no way resemble what we consider surgery today. Nowadays, surgery is performed by trained medical doctors in operating theatres called Operating Room of the Future, this talk reviews this revolution.

Points of view from Israeli teens - Leo Baeck Haifa

The Leo Baeck Education Center Haifa 

What do Israeli high school students have to say about Israel today? A face-to-face panel discussion with teenagers, students at the Leo Baeck Education Center in Haifa. They will share with you their stories and thoughts, their Tikkun Olam community service activities, their dreams for Israel and what they do to make them come true.

Women of valour: Dame Margaret Hodge and Dame Louise Ellman, on Antisemitism, Labour and Israel

Marie van der Zyl  Margaret Hodge  Louise Ellman 

Chaired by Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl, hear reflections on the challenges faced under Corbyn and what steps will be needed to return the Labour Party to its anti-racist roots. The potential implications of developments in Israel and the USA for International Relations and the global Jewish community will be discussed.

From surviving to thriving: empowering young Rwandans and South Africans, one conversation at a time.

Brent Davidoff 

In this session, we will listen to the stories of 3 young South Africans who have overcome severe adversity and discovered their purpose and independence along the way. Through their stories, a picture will emerge of a nation pulling back from the edge and coming together like never before. Brent will also share how his experience as a madrich has informed his teams approach to designing a ground-breaking call-centre model.

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