Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 14:00

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Getting beyond the foodbank: lots of practical ideas on how to step up

Sam Cowan 

Learn about ways to help those who are unable to access or afford enough healthy food, above and beyond donating tins of baked beans to foodbank drives. We will explore who in our society is most likely to be food insecure, how this impacts people's health and wellbeing and what actions and approaches are most useful to get 'beyond the foodbank'.

 Beyond The Foodbank Resource Sheet.pdf

Introduction: How to read from the Torah in S&P trop

Nachshon Rodrigues Pereira 

In this interactive session you will learn the basics of Torah reading. Definitely one of the most challenging and fun Jewish activities. You'll learn what trop is, how it works and we will apply it to trop as it is used in the Spanish and Portuguese communities around the world. Plus room for all your Torah reading questions at the end.

Journeys, Wells and Marriages: Patterns in Biblical Stories

Yael Ziegler 

This class will examine the biblical "type scene," in which couples meet next to a well. In comparing and contrasting several episodes of this sort, we will investigate the uniqueness of each scene and how it sheds light on the essence of the characters of each story.

LEV o'clock: Creating a Limmud Talmud page

_ LEV 

House Of...

Limmud’s values have evolved over the last 40 years. Shaped by constant discussion, the values reflect different ideas, opinions, concerns, decisions and experiences. Together we want to take this vital exchange and join it with the Jewish approach to discussion and documentation as found in Talmud - and create our very own Limmud Talmud page.

The State of Israel V Benjamin Netanyahu

Ittay Flescher 

Exploring what is arguably one of the most important court cases in the history of Israel, Plus61J Media's Jerusalem Correspondent Ittay Flescher will take you through all the charges, Netanyahu’s defence arguments and how the trial has already impacted the politics of Israel in a dramatic fashion.

The use and abuse of reflective practice

Naomi Soetendorp 

Creating spaces for reflecting on historical events is often given as a rationale for building memorials and monuments. How can the advocates of these proposals ensure that this reflection will occur? Starting with a discussion of reflection in social work practice, we will explore the role of reflection in civic commemoration projects.

Vaccination against CoVid-19: an individual or societal responsibility?

Alan Silman 

The ‘anti-vacc’ movement, stimulated by worries about long term side effects, could reduce the chances of new vaccines successfully achieving herd immunity. Drawing on his past role in advising the NHS, Alan will consider the challenges of proving absolute safety and the impact of non-participation in vaccination on the elimination of this virus.

 Vaccination against Covid Hand Out.pdf

When Judaism meets Digital (short session)

Tony Uzan 

Back in March 2018, I was preparing my Master degree in communication. With a love for my Jewish community and a thirst for entrepreneurship I decided to create a platform which will help all communities to find a free Shabbat table near by. During the session I will tell in details about my story and this non profit organisation. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

Who is a (Charedi) Jew?

Yehudis Fletcher 

Government and mainstream communal bodies frequently engage with “community leaders” as intermediaries to Charedi people - but these gatekeepers are often those who most benefit from the status quo. Yehudis will examine class and power within Charedi communities to illuminate the hidden position of those silenced and harmed by structural failures.

Escape R(z)oom!

Limmud Social Programming 

Social Programming

Brought to you by Tech team co-chair Ben Combe, race through a series of puzzles and challenges to solve a mystery in our Limmud-themed Escape Room. No prior knowledge or experience needed - just bring your detective hats, magnifying glasses and deductive minds.

Managing bereavement during challenging times

_ Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service 

Welfare Hub

Small presentation around bereavement particularly in the time of Covid-19 and how Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service can help those who have been bereaved. Margi and Sheila will be happy to take any questions.

 JBCS Leaflet NEW 2020.pdf

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