Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 15:00

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Black British history: remembering rightly as Jews and Christians

Nathan Eddy  Richard Reddie  Robert Bieber 

Come and join the conversation! Campaigner Richard Reddie will speak on how Holocaust education can serve as a model and inspiration for marking the slave trade, and historian Robert Bieber will speak on the significance of Black British history in the Jewish perspective. Chaired by Council of Christians and Jews interim director Nathan Eddy.

Briefing on the status of East Jerusalem with Silwan residents

Hagit Ofran 

With Trump’s departure from the White House not far off, Netanyahu's government has been pushing forward a series of settlement activities in East Jerusalem which will have disastrous consequences for Palestinians on the ground and for prospects for peace. In addition, numerous court cases filed by settler organisations are underway posing an immediate threat of eviction of hundreds of Palestinians in the neighbourhoods of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah. Join Hagit Ofran and Palestinian residents of Silwan for a briefing on the status of East Jerusalem.

 Elad Organization in Silwan.pdf

Ideology and ritual: An Exploration of the tefillot of Shabbat

Adam Mintz 

We will study the different amidah prayers that are recited on Shabbat and analyze the rabbinic approach to Shabbat and its themes through a close reading of these prayers.

 The History of the Tefillot of Shabbat  Rabbi Adam Mintz _ Sefaria.html

Left out: the inside story of Labour under Corbyn

Gabriel Pogrund 

In this session, Gabriel will give an inside account of Labour's anti-semitism scandal and what it says about Jewish life in Britain. It will open up into a Q&A, so if you want to put a nagging question to someone who has spent far too much time thinking about the British left, no matter how arcane or thematic, this is your moment!

Peer support group (Mon)


Welfare Hub

This is dedicated to giving and receiving support. You are welcome to join our friendly group to share your experiences and hear about others in a non-judgemental space. We start and end with short guided meditations followed by a sharing circle in which each person is invited to speak. Then we reflect on some of the themes and offer mutual support.

Plague in the promised land

Levi Cooper 

The fledgling Hasidic community in Tiberias endured a raging plague in the year 1786. A letter penned soon after the encounter reveals how the community faced the challenges. What were the financial aftershocks of the disease? We will explore this fascinating historical episode and reflect on our contemporary experience.

 supplementary to Levi Cooper's presentation.pdf

Sustainable fundraising during COVID-19 and beyond

Simi Bennett  Amy Braier  Daniel Carmel-Brown  Michelle Janes 

The pandemic has dramatically impacted all charities and their ability to innovate and sustain sources of funding. Hear first-hand from four senior communal professionals as they discuss the responses, trends and changes they've seen in the Jewish community & address an uncertain future due to the economic emergency we now face as a country.

The Lily's Legacy Project: Exploring the voices and visions of Liberal Judaism

Shaan Knan  Charley Baginsky  Mike Beral 

The panellists share their experiences of creating a groundbreaking multi-media exhibition – in the midst of the Covid19 lockdown – and how young Liberal Jews see the next generation. The Lily’s Legacy Project: The Radical History & Heritage of Liberal Judaism in Britain, is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

“Translating the Bible into Greek”: Ethics and Wisdom in the thought of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt’l and Emmanuel Levinas

Tamra Wright  Tanya White  Ephraim Meir  Hanoch Ben Pazi 

Emmanuel Levinas understood the task of Jewish philosophy to be that of articulating the ethical message of the Hebrew Bible in ‘Greek’, the language of reason and universality. We will explore the commonalities and differences between his approach and that of R. Sacks, focusing on difference, ‘the other’, and the 'failure of morality'.

 Sacks and Levinas panel handout .pdf

Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug

Limmud Chavruta  Aliza Abolafia 

Some afternoon Chavruta hosted by Project Zug, part of Hadar Institute.

 PZLimmud2U1A.pdf  PZLimmud2U2B.pdf  PZLimmud2U2A.pdf

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