Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 16:00

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"The Tattooed Torah" screening with Q&A

Brett Kopin  Beth G Kopin  Marc Bennett 

"The Tattooed Torah" is a short animated film based on Marvell Ginsburg's beloved children's book and narrated by Ed Asner. The film recounts the story of a small Torah from Brno, Czechoslovakia, and teaches the Holocaust not only as a period of destruction but also as an opportunity for redemption. Q&A following screening with the writer, director, and executive producer.

2020: the year that changed the Middle East?

Ian Black  Nimrod Goren  Tal Schneider  Calev Ben-Dor 

This year, the Middle East has lurched from one drama to the next, from Israel’s proposed annexation of the West Bank to its historic normalization agreements with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan - as Donald Trump’s presidency comes to an end. Our expert panel will explore the consequences of these events for Israel and the Middle East as a whole.

Building Better Brains: A Jewish View of the Emergence of Neuroethics

Paul Wolpe 

Implantable brain chips, brain-computer interfaces, and psychopharmaceutical advances, mean we soon be able to micromanage our moods, enhance cognitive and affective skills, and “mind-read” through brain scans. A founder of the field of “Neuroethics”, Dr. Wolpe will explore the ethical, social, and Jewish implications of emerging neuroscience.

Castaway Stories: A Desert Island Discs for the Jewish community

Jessica Munk Shepherd 

For several years, Jessica has captured the life stories and music of our Jewish community by interviewing 'Castaways' just as the BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs does. She will talk about why our family jokes, memories and songs need to be recorded for future generations and why the Radio 4 programme's format works so well for Jews.

Iraqi Jews: between legal policies of exploitation and today's future

Khairuldeen Makhzoomi  Linda Menuhin 

The first part of the session will focus on the laws, decrees, regulations, and orders used to discriminate against Iraqi Jews from 1948 to 1971. Linda Menuhin, an Iraqi Jew who left Iraq in 1970, will explain further based on her personal account in Iraq and then will move forward to discuss the dramatic positive changes of the way Iraqis look at Jews and Israel today

Our House, in the Middle of the Street

Dina Brawer 

Over the last century the center of gravity for Jewish life shifted from home to synagogue In a little less than nine months this has been reversed with Jewish life emptying out of synagogues and forced back into our homes. While we look forward to safely gathering at a crowded kiddush again this moment invites us to reexamine the home-shul balance

 Our House, in the Middle of the Street - Sources .pdf

What do you have in mind when you say Messiah / Mashiach?

Lior Kaminetsky  Muhammed Amin Evans  Jessica Foster  Paul Salahuddin Armstrong 

Twenty local faith leaders from the West Midlands joined Rabbi Kaminetsky's 2019 initiative to form a Madrasa / Beit Midrash Learning Programme for Abrahamic faith leaders. The group gathered for 4 intense weekly sessions at Central United Synagogue to learn together about the similarities and differences regarding some core theological matters between the three monotheistic religions. Among them- Abraham as Founder, Patriarch and Prophet; One God and its Different Perspectives / Attributes; Jerusalem - Past, Present and Future; and What Do You Have In Mind When You Say - Messiah?!


Seeking my daughter's killer

Arnold Roth 

Since 2012, Arnold Roth and his wife Frimet have pursued the terrorist who spearheaded the Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria bombing. Their 15 year-old daughter Malki הי"ד was one of the many innocent victims. The bomber, a Jordanian woman listed as an FBI Most Wanted fugitive terrorist, faces charges in Washington. A narrative of real-life justice.

 2020_06 Tamimi Dossier for US Congress - Frimet and Arnold Roth.pdf  2020_08_06 I wish others knew what I know about Malki’s killer - Arnold Roth Times of Israel.pdf

Deputies Limmud Social!

House of Board of Deputies 

House Of...

Dear Deputies, You are cordially invited to our virtual social gathering at this years Limmud Festival! We look forward to seeing you!

LE@F - Mingle Mingle Mingle! Networking with other international volunteers

Limmud Elements @ Festival (LE@F) 

International Hub

Meet other Limmudniks from around the world at this informal, facilitated networking event for Limmud volunteers around the world. Share ideas, make connections, explore other communities! Come along to meet like minded people.

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