Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 17:00

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Can antisemitism mean different things to different people?

Eve Barlow  Anthony Julius  Ian Austin  Joey Leskin 

Four differing experiences around antisemitism - on social media, in politics, as a job and from an academic standpoint - are analysed together to work out whether there is any nuance behind the problem.

Fast friends!

Limmud Social Programming  Aimee Belchak 

Social Programming

Your eyes meet across a zoom room. You wish there was a chance to get to know them, but the pesky moderator has disabled the chat. Well, here's your chance. Open to all ages, political and religious leanings, gender identities and sexual orientations, this is an opportunity to make new friends, providing you can do it within five minute windows.

Filling the half empty bookcase: Otti Berger; master teacher at the Bauhaus

Michael Shire 

Otti Berger was born in Croatia and came to the Bauhaus initially as a student. She was one of its most talented textile designers. She became the 'master' of the weaving workshop at the Bauhaus but remains little known or remembered for her life and work. She helped create 'the modern look' but was transported to Auschwitz in April 1944.

How do we keep having 'arguments for the sake of heaven'?

Limmud @40 Programming  Laura Marks  Michael Wegier  Leon Morris  Keith Kahn-Harris  Hannah Rose 

Limmud has spent 40 years promoting the value of spirited, respectful debate - but is this now a lost art? Our panel will discuss why it seems discourse is breaking down in the modern era and how we might go about rebuilding our tools for constructive conversations.

I Can't Believe It's Not Milchig

Harry Lampert 

Pareve desserts can be a challenge. Come along to explore some ideas and tricks to making the most delicious milk free deserts that no one would guess don’t contain butter or cream. We will explore different options and how to successfully remove milk and dairy products from standard recipes to make the most delicious desserts.

Intro to Ashkenazi musical modes

Eitan Kantor 

We will explore the traditional Ashkenazi musical modes using our singing voices and a simple visual teaching tool. This session will help participants understand the music of prayer services and will empower them to be more playful and improvisational while singing. No musical background necessary.

Neve Tzedek to Nightingale, Beit Cholim to Bearsted: care and medicine in Jewish London

Rachel Kolsky 

Discover the history of London's Jewish medical care from 18th century batei cholim to East End provision at the Whitechapel and London Jewish Hospitals. Discover the origins of today's cutting edge care facilities Norwood, Nightingale House , Lady Sarah Cohen House and Choice House and remember Mother Levy’s, Bearsted Memorial and Tottenham's Home for Jewish Incurables.

Twenty Jewish books that everyone should read (short session)

Martin Kaye 

This session will outline a range of 'must-read' books of Jewish interest that should be on every Jewish person's bookshelf. It will give an overview of the title, author and context of each and why this selection, while by no means exhaustive, is essential to leading a Jewish life. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

Veils and twins

Simi Peters 

Rivka and Tamar are radically different characters. Why does Genesis Rabba draw a connection between them on the basis of seemingly insignificant details? What can we learn about the midrashic mind by analyzing a brief, cryptic statement? Exploring this text will help us answer the question: Is there is a method to Midrash?

 Simi Peters Handout - Veils and Twins.pdf

EFI get together!

House of EFI Educating for Impact 

House Of...

Note: This get-together is only open to those who have been invited by EFI.

Spotlight on: Limmud FSU Labs!

A Spotlight on Limmud FSU  Natasha Chechik  Merilin Kernitzman  Menashe Khaimov  Svetlana Muller  Lea Volynsky 

International Hub

New York - home to Jews from Bukhara? Berlin - home to an alternative Jewish culture in Russian? Australia - home to native-born Jews who speak Russian? Sounds unusual - but it’s all true! Limmud FSU Labs invite you to meet Menashe from New York and learn firsthand about Bukharan Jews in the Big Apple, hear from Sveta about alternative contemporary Jewish culture in Berlin, and ask Merilin, born in Canada, why it's important for her to be part of Russian-Jewish culture and community. See you there!

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