Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 18:00

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Adam, Eve, & the Snake: Look What Happens When You Don’t Include Women!

Bradley Shavit Artson 

We will read through an ancient Midrash (Rabbinic tale) about the Garden of Eden and a magical snake. Through the genius of rabbinic creativity, we’ll examine an ancient warning on the need to include everyone in life’s more pressing conversations.

Is there still space for progressive Jews in the Zionist Movement?

Lea Muhlstein  Joshua Weinberg 

More than 120 years after the first Zionist Congress, the World Zionist Organization continues to claim to represent the diverse Zionist voices of world Jewry. In this session, we will discuss this claim reflecting on the World Zionist Congress in 2020 and explore whether there is still space for progressive Jews in the Zionist Movement.

Never heard of her! Rediscovering the American modernist artist, Theresa Bernstein

Elizabeth Diament 

Engage with works of art by Theresa Bernstein, an overlooked New York Jewish artist who captured the immediacy of urban life through her predominantly working-class subjects, focusing mainly on women. During our interactive session we will examine Bernstein's early work as she documents immigrant life and negotiates her place as a female artist.

The modern-day Return to Zion in the Negev as mirrored in the endeavours and vision of Yeruham in light of the Jewish sources

Michael Biton 

"שובה ה' את שביתנו כאפיקים בנגב" "Lord, bring back those in captivity, like streams in a dry land ['Negev']" - Psalm 126. Michael Biton, Israeli Minister and former Mayor of Yeruham in southern Israel, discusses the modern-day Return to Zion in the Negev as mirrored in the endeavors and vision of Yeruham in light of the Jewish sources.

The pen pal perspective: How the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program has brought world Jewry together

Madison Jackson 

This interactive session will introduce you to the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program, demonstrate why such a program matters and explore how it has impacted people's lives. The program has matched hundreds of people of all ages with Jewish pen pals around the world and helped them learn about Jewish life and culture in different countries.

To life! New year, new you - an interactive cook-along, demo and Q&A

Judi Rose  Jacqueline Lewis 

Can Jewish food really be healthy AND delicious? Join chef and food writer Judi Rose, daughter of the legendary Evelyn Rose for an entertaining, interactive cook-along (or just sit back and enjoy the show) as GP nutritionist Jackie Rose reveals how to boost immunity, lose weight and eat well - in every sense of the word!

 Cook-along shopping & instructions.pdf

When the computer becomes your boss - working under artificial intelligence

Lior Zalmanson 

Artificial intelligence is not just replacing workers; it replaces bosses. This session will share insights from an international study of Uber drivers that defines what's new about their new programmed chiefs. We will discuss the tensions, challenges, and opportunities created by AI and how they may carry over to new remote/nomadic work trends.

The IHRA working definition of antisemitism - what is it good for?

David Feldman  John Mann 

Join the government's independent adviser on antisemitism and the director of the Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism for a conversation on the IHRA working definition of antisemitism.

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