Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 19:00

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"Boredom is so interesting: a Jewish perspective on monotony during COVID"

Erica Brown 

Using a variety of Jewish texts, general philosophy and psychology, this session will discuss the struggle with the same routines in our spiritual lives, the added layer of tedium created through isolation and the everyday possibility of wonder.

As young British Jews, what are our responsibilities towards vulnerable global communities during the post COVID-19 era?

George Rosenfeld  Sarah Kass  Moses Seitler  Sarit Baum 

The Ben Azzai Programme is a flagship initiative of the Chief Rabbi in partnership with Tzedek. Join young adult alumni from all four past Ben Azzai trips to Ghana and India for a discussion about global Jewish responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and the changing priorities of young British Jews following COVID-19.

Directed being and Jewish time

Josh Weiner 

A key concept for Jewish prayer (or Jewish life, or any life) is "kavannah“. What that word actually means is tricky. One way to understand it is by looking at the description of an ideal person praying with kavannah. We’ll do a bit of that in this session, look at what kavannah could mean, and what we can do to reach it in our lives.

 Directed Being - Josh Weiner.pdf

Disqualifying Hate: IRAC's Work Against Jewish Supremacists and Hate Groups -

Noa Sattath 

To protect Israel’s democracy and fundamental human rights, the Israel Religious Action Center has been active to stop right-wing extremists from succeeding in their endeavors. This review of their recent work by IRAC's Director Rabbi Noa Sattath includes the Supreme Court's disqualifaction of leaders of the Otzma Yehudit party from running for the Knesset. We will not let our guard down, or Israel’s democracy will be seriously compromised.

Climate Change Emergency! Green Party Co-Leader, Siân Berry, in conversation with Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Charley Baginsky

Sian Berry  Charley Baginsky 

The last few years will be remembered for many things, especially the surge in climate action across the world. In Europe, this led to a Green wave with Greens elected to state and mayoral positions across the continent. In the UK, the Greens secured their best ever European and local election results. Drawing on biblical texts and age-old traditions we have seen Jews inspired to support climate action in unprecedented numbers: in their communities, on national platforms and even in the streets. In a turbulent year, now is a good time to evaluate how the Jewish community interacts with a rapidly changing UK political landscape and promotes its priorities of Tikkun Olam. Few are better placed to discuss this than Rabbi Charley Baginsky and Green party Co-Leader Siân Berry, the first elected Green Party member to speak at Limmud.

Spotlight on: Limmud FSU Canada! A unique Limmud for a unique Community

A Spotlight on Limmud FSU Canada  Alex Katz 

International Hub

Limmud FSU Canada organizing committee member Alex Katz's session will look at the success of Limmud FSU Canada, a Limmud founded by and for the Russian Jewish community. The community consists mostly of Rusian speaking Jews who emigrated to Canada after their first emigration to Israel from the former Soviet Union. This community identifies strongly with Israel and Zionizm, but at the same time has negative connotations about Judaism, formed after living decades in Israel where secular and religious worlds often collided in many aspects of everyday life. Limmud FSU Canada's success is built on breaking stereotypes about Judaism and slowly building bridges between the community and its rich Jewish heritage. All this while keeping the community connected and engaged through more familiar themes of Russian and Israeli culture and art, science, entrepreneurship, and current political issues.

Owning our cultural inheritance

Beverley-Jane Stewart  Laura Birnbaum 

Through your culture you form your identity, and this defines you as a person. Travelling in Romania, Beverley-Jane explored her Romanian history and the effect it had had on the development of her creativity. This triggered further research into Jewish Romanian heritage resulting in a new exhibition ‘Romanian Heritage – Journey in Time’. In this session, Beverley-Jane and her daughter will be discussing a selection of the work, taking you on a journey to the Yiddish Theatre, the story of the Gluck family in Alba Iulia, multiculturalism in Bucharest and the last remaining wooden synagogue connected to the Baal Shem Tov.

Oy! What a day... (2/3)

Limmud Social Programming  Ben Crowne 

Social Programming

Hosted by a long-time Limmudnik, this session is an opportunity to take some time out from the main programme, meet other participants, and reflect on the day that's been.

Tandu - A musical journey to the Jewish world - LIVE!

Shani Lachmish 

Sisters Shani and Yahala Lachmish, familiar faces and voices from the Ein Prat Fountainheads viral YouTube videos , together with Hillel Bloch (violin) and Ro’I Engel (guitar) form TANDU , a young vibrant Jerusalem-based ensemble with a repertoire of Jewish music from East and West, and original mashups of old and new, liturgical and secular, Hebrew and English.

Understanding antisemitism in theoretical and practical terms

Deborah Lipstadt 

Historian and author Deborah Lipstadt, best known for her books on the Holocaust and antisemitism, will draw on historical examples to discuss how antisemitism is understood today. Deborah will unpack the complexity surrounding antisemitism as both a theoretical concept and a practical reality. Antisemitism: here and now is published by Scribe. Buy it here:

Pardes get together - all welcome!

House of Pardes 

House Of...

Join current and former beloved Pardes faculty members, alumni & friends for a schmooze, Pardes updates and inspiring words of Torah. All are invited!

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