Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Monday 20:00

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Embracing the Future of Israel with Muslims and Christians

Warren Elf 

Exploring Forum for Discussions on Israel and Palestine's methodology for tackling the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to improve interfaith and cross communal relations. How we can engage with those of other faiths and perspectives with respect, dignity and understanding, to improve our relationships, and tackling antisemitism and Islamophobia.

What does a Biden Presidency mean for US foreign policy and Israel?

Hannah Weisfeld  Jeremy Ben-Ami 

After four turbulent years which saw a dramatic shift in the US approach to Israel-Palestine, a new administration is set to take charge in January 2021. Whether it was moving the US embassy to Jerusalem or recognising Israeli settlements over the Green Line as legal, President Trump made it clear the old rules no longer applied. So, what can we expect from a Biden-Harris administration? Will they overturn some of the most damaging aspects of Trump’s policies, and do they have the power to do so? And how far up their foreign policy priority list will the Israeli-Palestinian conflict even be?

Joseph and His Brothers: When is it right to lie?

Elliott Karstadt 

In the parashah we read this week (Vayehi), Joseph's brothers lie to him about what their father said before his death. In this session, we will study the way in which this lie was presented in the Talmud and Midrash, and consider what our tradition teaches about whether it is ever right to lie.

The best of Limmud Chile: What’s going on in Chile? From the end of the Pinochet dictatorship to its current crisis of democracy.

A Spotlight on Limmud Chile  Daniel Chernilo 

The Bar

The Pinochet dictatorship in Chile ended in 1990. During the past three decades, the country has mirrored closely but has also come to challenge, some global trends. As Chile’s transition to democracy coincided with the end of the Cold War, the country grew wealthier, more democratic, and integrated into the global world. The rise (and fall) of social democracy’s third way also provided legitimation to the paradoxical attempt to widen redistributive social policies, on the one hand, and the continuation of the trend towards privatization of public services and natural resources, on the other. These contradictory trends came to a head in October 2019, when the ostensibly irrelevant decision to increase the underground fee in less than 5p brought the country to a standstill and the political elites to their knees. With a 6-month delay because of Covid-19, Chile is now on the path to deciding a new social compact. In this talk, I should like to try to make sense of some of these changes and to where they may lead.

On Turning 40: It's never too late to become Moshe, or Rabbi Akiva, or YOU!

Yaffa Epstein 

Mazal tov - Limmud is 40! Did you know that turning 40 has an important history in Judaism? Moshe and Rabbi Akiva - perhaps the most important figures in the Bible, and in the Talmud - both have significant turning points at the age of 40. Come learn about their journeys, and get inspired for your own Torah learning journey! All are welcome!

 Limmud Festival 2020 - Akiva Moshe and You - Yaffa Epstein.pdf

Open Mic Night

Limmud Social Programming 

Whether you're a budding musician or secret stand-up, we're delighted to offer this platform for you to test material on a friendly crowd, perform something you feel deserves an audience and gain new fans within the Jewish community. This opportunity is open to artists of all disciplines! Simply sign up for a slot by emailing, and tell us a little about yourself.

Safe Haven: the UK and Nazi war crimes inquiries

Jon Silverman 

How is it that, out of 400 Nazi suspects in the 1990s, there were only two prosecutions and one conviction? My book reveals a covert prosecution policy which meant that other suspects escaped justice and explains how prosecutors effectively 'decoupled' the charges from the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, leaving no pedagogical legacy.

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Soul singing ceremony

Netanel Goldberg 

We will allow the power of the melodies and prayers to open in us gates of intention and devotion, connection and recollection. In between I will offer intentions for inner work that will intensify and propel the prayer to higher and deeper places. This is a time when we will feel the wondrous connection of the heart beyond the screens.

The evolution of Limmud - 40 years in 40 minutes

Limmud @40 Programming 

We will take a whirlwind tour through the history of Limmud with the assistance of a series of Limmud volunteers who were part of how that history played out. From the first conference right through to today, sit back and hear the stories of how Limmud got to where it is now. In this session we will hear from Steve Miller, Andrew Gilbert, Carolyn Bogush, Shoshana Bloom, David Bilchitz and Hannah Brady.

Limmud UK's day events volunteers meetup!

House of Tour of Britain 

House Of...

There are Limmud teams throughout the UK who arrange one day Limmud events. If you already belong to a regional Limmud team, would like to volunteer for a Limmud team in your UK region, or are interested in starting a new team then this informal get together is for you! Find out what running a day Limmud event involves from those who have already done it.

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