Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Saturday 20:00

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Chava Mirel in concert with Daniel Cainer

Daniel Cainer  Chava Mirel 

Chava is one of the leading lights in North American Jewish Music. Daniel is a multi-award winning songwriter and musical storyteller. During lockdown they have been remotely collaborating for an album that will be released next year: Daniel in London, Chava in Seattle. Hear them preview some of it tonight as they trade their songs and stories.

Rembrandt and the rabbis: Jacob wrestling

Matthew Berkowitz 

Genesis contains a cryptic and fateful narrative that has led to a flurry of conversation over many generations. Separated from his family and about to confront his brother Esau after twenty years of estrangement, Jacob prepares for the worst. In the darkness of night, he wrestles with a mysterious assailant. Who is this mystery figure? Through a close reading of the text, master artists, as well as rabbinic commentary, we will explore this fascinating and compelling episode that speaks volumes about who we are as a Jewish people.

The Limmud Lockdown Lock-In Pub Quiz (1.5hrs)

Limmud Social Programming 

After a long day, pour yourself a well-deserved drink and tune in for yet one more Zoom quiz extravaganza with Sassy, Limmud's resident quiz-master. You'll need a pen and paper, your brain and a whole load of honesty and integrity as you compete for a prize that money can't buy - a virtual one-to-one hangout with Limmud Festival Chair Rob Simmons himself.

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