Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Saturday 21:00

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Jewish Songs You Never Learned in Day School

Noam Osband 

Musical comedian Noam Osband will sing original songs based on Jewish tradition and other factual sources. We'll hear about bondage on Passover, the Bible's toughest female character, Jesus' Jewish heritage, and the unluckiest bar mitzvah boy in Bergen County. Warning - this session will combine a little learning and a lot of singing!

The Limmud Lockdown Lock-In Pub Quiz (continued)

Limmud Social Programming 

The quiz starts at 8pm and continues into this timeslot.

Nefesh Mountain live in concert!

Nefesh Mountain 

Join Nefesh Mountain's Doni Zasloff & Eric Lindberg in this very special concert for Limmud 2020, live from their living room to yours! Together they'll sing and share their own original songs both old and new, the stories and inspiration behind them, as well as a few choice covers from the folk and Americana music catalogue. Throughout the show Doni and Eric will also be diving into discussion around the idea of Jewish American music, their unique approach to it, and how the fusion of these two seemingly different worlds can create a musical antidote for our world today.

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