Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 09:00

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40 years of stories - what has Limmud meant to you?

Limmud @40 Programming  Steve Miller 

Limmud is 40 years old and over the years has left a mark on many in our community. Come to this session prepared to share your memories - your ‘firsts’, momentous sessions, people you met, unexpected experiences, maybe even how Limmud changed your life. This is an active, participatory session.

A long time ago: running activities in Jewish residential homes for the elderly

Ruti Roche 

Like the rest of us, elderly people have varied abilities and interests, but theirs may be decreasing. How to energise them and tune in to their current wavelength? Through planting bulbs, plasticine modelling, card making, festival decorations and interviewing them about their family history and more. Now all via Zoom. Come along and share ideas.

Ashreichem Yisrael: A musical Shacharit with Nigunim Ensemble

Boaz Dorot 

Join Nigunim Ensemble from Jerusalem, to experience an energetic and musical tefilla that celebrates Israeli sacred music and liturgy. Nigunim Ensemble is a pioneering ensemble that creates, arranges, and performs sacred music to accompany religious services throughout Israel and abroad. Accompanied by vocals, piano, violin and percussion.

 Handout - Nigunim Ensemble Limmud 2020.pdf

General Allenby in Jerusalem

Dovi Wieder 

A general, a brigadier and a cook wanted to conquer Jerusalem in the middle of Hanukkah 1917. Who was the first to meet the Mayor of Jerusalem? Who got the letter of surrender? And who got a small Sefer Torah as a present? In this session, we will go behind the scenes of the most peaceful conquest of the city of eternity, and try to understand what made this event so mythical and iconic to the people of Jerusalem and the entire world.

How a Norman called Johannes changed Judaism

Miriam Lorie 

Born in an Italian village, a music-writing priest converts to Judaism at one of the most dangerous times to be a Jew - 1102. Learn about Johannes / Ovadiah's amazing life, pieced together from diary fragments found in the Cairo Geniza. We'll listen to some of his music and dive into a halacha that he may have been responsible for changing.

 Obadiah the proselyte .pdf

Theology and leadership -being radically open to oppositional voices

Charley Baginsky  Judith Rosenberry 

Liberal Judaism is marked by a continuing intellectual struggle with God, arguing that ours is an unfinished theology. Finality is not rabbinic, but struggling with God/or the God concept is. A theology that emerges may be said to be open, inconclusive and radically open to oppositional voices. This must have implications for all leadership(s)

929 - Liberating Torah study

Benny Lau 

The Bar

Liberating Torah study to anyone who desires it: 929’s motivation and work to make Tanach fully accessible. In memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

Chavruta - Sunday

Limmud Chavruta  Pete Tobias 

Theme: God and the world. This is a double session which runs from 9:00 to 10:50. Please download the materials before you come to the session. (Kindly note that there is a strict participant limit for this session - but there is another Chavruta session at 3PM if the room is full!)

 Chavruta texts - Limmud 2020.pdf

How to "use" Limmud this year!

Limmud Social Programming 

Want to get involved with the conversation at Festival this year, but never used Slack before? Come along for a tour of Slack, where we'll show you how to get involved in conversations and meet new people.

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