Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 11:00

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A Torah recipe for resilience in challenging times

Ephraim Mirvis 

The Chief Rabbi will share valuable insights into our traditional sources that shed light on confronting adversity and dealing with hardship, particularly relevant during the Covid pandemic. How can our timeless teachings inform and aid our mindset and behaviour?

Can Judaism be eco-friendly?

Hana Siková 

In this session we will look into the "green" in Judaism. We will study the relationship Judaism has to nature through traditional and modern texts (spoiler alert: we should take good care of the Earth). With examples of good practice we will look at how we act on this big responsibility and consider making our Jewish traditions more sustainable.

 Can Judaism be Eco-friendly_.pdf

How do we keep this amazing year for volunteering ongoing?

Hannah Cohen  _ Jewish Volunteering Network  Yona Taub  Abigail Mann  Ellie Gerszt  Ben Brownson 

The unprecedented challenges and changes in the way we live this year have brought about a myriad of new volunteer opportunities, experiences, and stories of positive impact. Join this feel-good panel to hear the stories of 5 volunteers from across our community and find out more about where volunteers are still needed during this important time.

Death of a Nightingale - is Equality a mischief word?

Alan Share 

Is Equality a mischief word in education? Is self-esteem more important than parity of esteem? Should there be a Curriculum for Life alongside the National Curriculum with a twin-track, one academic, the other for the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with one-year university courses? And bring back State Scholarships. We are equal only sometimes, unequal most times and different always. Let everyone be a winner.

Live Walking Tour: Discovering the city of Maimonides - Jewish Cordoba.

Haim Casas 

Join this live virtual walking tour! The Jewish quarter of Córdoba is one of the best preserved medieval Jewish quarters in all of Europe. Home of great thinkers like Maimonides, its streets and houses keep secrets that fascinate both locals and visitors. In it we can visit the only medieval synagogue preserved until today in Andalusia.

Revolutionizing Palestinian-Israeli Discourse on Campus (short session)

Stav Salpeter 

The Edinburgh University Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue Society is an award-winning non-partisan platform to discuss culture, politics, and personal experiences. Transcending echo chambers, it allows for more nuanced conversations. Find out more about this increasingly popular trend revolutionising discussions on University campuses across the world! Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

“A Ray of sunshine in utter Darkness” Josiah Wedgwood’s response to the plight of the Jews, 1933-1943

Lesley Urbach 

This talk will focus the MP, Josiah Wedgwood’s efforts to persuade the British Government to allow Jews from Germany and Austria into Britain and Palestine; and on his involvement in the parliamentary campaign against internment. Wedgwood’s efforts are largely unknown, and Lesley hopes to do something to rectify this in her talk.

The Masks we live in: Tackling Toxic Masculinity and Sexism in Youth Culture

Ilana Hutchinson  _ Jewish Women Aid 

Collectively, we have made great strides in our education on gender equality but how do we continue? What if the issue of sexism didn't just apply to girls and toxic masculinity not just to boys? We'll draw out lessons we've learnt and suggest that an integrated approach to gender equality will also bring an end to Violence Against Women and Girls.

 The Masks we live in Reading List.pdf

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