Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 13:00

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Fundraising for Israel - pointers, pitfalls and paradoxes

Michael Wegier 

Raising money for Israel ranges from being exhilarating to exhausting. Having had lots of interactions with donors and NGOs in this field, I have prepared some thoughts about conceptual and practical issues that everyone involved must consider for this endeavour. Suitable for fundraisers, non-profit staff and trustees and donors.

Hair - The Jewish Edition

Ellen Flax 

When can I get my hair cut? How can I get my hair cut? Today, with too many of us looking a little shaggy, we ask these questions in a state of semi-panic, but these were Jewishly relevant issues even pre-COVID19. We’ll explore some halachic issues related to haircuts, as well as how Jews have left their mark on the hair industry.

How to raise Jewish children in a non-Jewish environment

Danielle Chaimovitz 

Raising children is always a challenge no matter where, and to every family. Raising Jewish children in a non Jewish environment is an even bigger challenge. After 4 years in Poland I would like to share my experience, challenges and creative way to raise my children in such a situation. I will share the ideas, methods and obstacles.

Our Big Fat Jewish Egalitarian Gay (Vegan) Wedding

Ruvi Ziegler  David Bilchitz 

Ever wondered what a same-sex (religious) Jewish wedding could look like? We will explore our journey to design a ceremony that looks back to our tradition & blends it with commitments to egalitarianism, inclusivity & universalism.Sharing our marriage tales, we are excited to relive the joy of dancing without social distancing– may it soon return!

Sexual Violence in Higher Education

Rachel Vogler  _ Jewish Women Aid 

16-25 year olds are the age group most likely to experience relationship abuse. Awareness raising on campus is a core part of our work at Jewish Women's Aid and this session will provide an overview of the realities of sexual violence and assault at university. We'll share updates on our flagship project in collaboration with UJS and Chaplaincy.

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Shema means ‘Listen!’ But how do we do it?

Jonathan Wittenberg 

There’s so much to listen to: arguments, silence, stories, God, birds, pain, music, trees. But what actually is listening? And how can Jewish sources help us?

The Threat to Jewish Religious Freedom in Europe

Jair Melchior  Aron Verständig  Jonathan Arkush  Sheila Gewolb  Amanda Bowman 

Jewish religious freedom is coming under threat from the right, left and the secularist centre throughout Europe. There have been unsuccessful legislative attempts to ban brit Milah and shechita, and in some countries bans on shechita already exist. What is driving the situation and what can we do to push back and defend our religious rights?

Theodosius of Rome and the eternal suspicions of the diaspora

Jeremy Borovitz 

During the days of Shimon ben Shetach, Theodosius of Rome, one of the leader's of that city's Jewish community, did something that the Rabbis in the land of Israel considered heretical: They began eating roasted lambs on Passover evening. We'll explore some texts on the heresy of sacrifice, as well as tensions between Israel and the Disapora.

Pass it on

_ Jewish Care 

Welfare Hub

It can be life affirming to reflect on what we have and what we have to give...........Pass It On. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending”; meaningful discussions should be innate acts of kindness so those involved have greater peace of mind to celebrate that life.

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