Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 14:00

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Heroes of Jewish activism against racism

Edie Friedman 

This session will look at Jewish heroes in the fight against racism in the US, South Africa and the UK. As well as some of the major players we will look at some of the unsung heroes. We ask what would we have done? Why the disproportionate Jewish involvement? Is the overall legacy a positive or negative one?

Inside Jewish Dubai

Shaun Hoffman  Jessica Katz  Ross Kriel 

The recent Abraham Accords between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain brought the Jewish community of Dubai into the spotlight. Join us for an exclusive conversation with Ross Kriel, President of the Jewish Council of the Emirates, and Jessica Katz, a former JDC Fellow placed in Dubai, as we discuss the exciting future of Jewish life in the Gulf.

It’s schlepped in the genes: an introduction to Ashkenazi Jewish genetics

Joshua Goodkin 

The genetics of Ashkenazi Jews have generated disproportionate interest among both scientists and non-scientists. This lecture will provide an introduction to Ashkenazi Jewish genetics that will shed light on why this is the case in a way which is suitable for those without a scientific background. No prior scientific knowledge will be assumed.

Jewish identity in Philip Roth

David Benkof 

Philip Roth always insisted he was an American writer, not a Jewish writer. But his novels deeply explore Jewish themes like dual loyalty, intermarriage, and the Holocaust. A close read (the best way to read Roth) of excerpts from The Human Stain, Portnoy’s Complaint, Nemesis, The Plot Against America, and more. Philip Roth newbies welcome.

LEV o'clock: Values throughout the Limmudiverse

_ LEV 

International Hub

Limmud’s values are at the heart of all that is happening at any Limmud. But how did they come about, what’s their purpose, and what’s our part in it? Join us for a conversation with new and seasoned Limmudniks around Limmud’s values and the role of innovation and change.

Lessons from my Bubbe's doorstep

Charles Savenor 

A visit to my Bubbe’s house in Lithuania last year opened the door to unexpected discoveries about how she saw the world as a Jew and how the world saw her. Together we will explore how memory informs our future, even more so when the Holocaust is involved.

Methodology in psak – or the Corona related rulings regarding porch (or garden) minyanim

Chana Luntz 

This is the first in a two part series looking at the methodology used by Rabbis to decide, once the Covid pandemic struck, whether those standing on their own porches/gardens could form a halachically valid minyan, thereby providing a glimpse into the complexity of the halachic literature. Note all sources are fully translated into English.

 Modern divergence in psak -porch minyanim Source Sheet 1 (Limmud).pdf

Return to the Pit: Did Joseph ever forgive his brothers?

Raphael Zarum 

Left for dead then sold and forgotten, we would not have expected Joseph to exonerate his brothers after their father Jacob died, and yet the last chapter of the book of Genesis seems to present some kind of family reconciliation. We will study this text and uncover its importance for Jewish communal survival until today.

The Jewish woman who unravelled the secret of life (short session)

Ben Lewis 

Discovering the double-helix structure of DNA is one of science's most significant achievements. Rosalind Franklin, a British Jew, played a pivotal role, but was not recognised until long after her death. We will look at the fascinating tale behind this feat, her other ground-breaking work, and how Franklin overcame the odds as both a woman and a Jew. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

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