Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 15:00

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An Angel Called Truth - Telling Our Stories for the Next Generation

Jeremy Gordon 

This book (co-authored by Jeremy Gordon) tells the tales of the Torah from the perspectives of 10-13-year-olds using wit and creativity. We've written over 60 tales, Parasha by Parasha, all brilliantly illustrated, to engage youth in their own terms. Come explore the tales and plot how we can inspire connections to the Torah for those growing up today.

How NOT to teach history: a textbook example

Noru Tsalic 

Recently, British schoolbook publisher Hodder Education had to apologise and withdraw one of its GCSE “Middle East history” textbooks, which was found to be “selective, partial and marred by errors”. Starting from this flawed textbook, the session will ponder a bigger questions: how/what are our children taught in schools? And why does it matter?

How an independent journalist covering this year’s anti-Netanyahu protests has successfully challenged Israel’s mainstream media

Or-ly Barlev  Yonatan Levi 

Or-ly Barlev is one of the most recognizable faces of this year’s mass protests against Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister who is on trial for corruption. She’ll discuss her role, as an independent journalist, in telling the story of why thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets to prevent the erosion of Israeli democracy.

Peer support group (Sun)


Welfare Hub

This is dedicated to giving and receiving support. You are welcome to join our friendly group to share your experiences and hear about others in a non-judgemental space. We start and end with short guided meditations followed by a sharing circle in which each person is invited to speak. Then we reflect on some of the themes and offer mutual support

The Jews and the first days of Islam

Clive Lawton 

Back in the early 7th century in the very early days of Islam, Muhammad hoped to develop a relationship with the Jews of Arabia. What happened and what difference did it make? Clive will explore the history and its consequences, along the way, exploring the little known reality of Arabian Jewry.

The Sarajevo Rescues – a masterpiece and a girl

Robert Stone 

This Sarajevo Haggadah is a masterpiece of Jewish art brought to Sarajevo from Spain in 1492 when the Jews were expelled. It was hidden from the Nazis in 1942 by the Muslim scholar Derviš Korkut and his wife Servet. They were also honoured as Righteous Among the Gentiles because of their rescue of Mira Papo, a Jewish girl. This is their story.

The seven habits of highly effective Jews

Simon Rickman 

In this session Simon interprets Stephen Covey's timeless 'habits' from a Jewish perspective. With the support of rabbis, he provides evidence that the 'habits' are related to Torah sources. In line with “Torat Chaim” or teachings for life – wisdom for living, you can learn how to be more successful in both your professional and personal life with a Jewish twist.

 PEAK 7 Habits for Jews Handout.pdf

Writing your life

Liz Cashdan 

This will be a practical workshop getting participants, both practised writers and those new to writing, to write in response to varied stimuli, and then asking them to share their writing. Please have pen and paper/laptop/iPad ready to use.

Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug

Limmud Chavruta  Aliza Abolafia 

Some afternoon Chavruta hosted by Project Zug, part of Hadar Institute.

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