Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 16:00

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Can interfaith marriage and relationships work within the Jewish community?

Lauren Dubell-Beadle 

Two separate opinions discuss if there is a place for marriage (and relationships) from a mixed faith background within the Jewish community. Despite the many challenges, both opinions are committed to the continuity of the Jewish community and want to explore the positive work of some cross-communal organisations.

Does the world we live in still stand on three things?

Ofek Meir 

2,000 years ago Shimon HaTzadik said: “The world stands on 3 things: Torah, avodah (prayer), and acts of loving kindness.” Today, as these frameworks collapse, we search how to meaningfully educate, redefine community and find new modes of spirituality. Let us explore the tension between these eternal values and the challenges and opportunities faced today.

Isaac in a Bind - a theatrical midrash on The Akeda

Avi Dolgin 

Revisit the Akedah through the recollections of the one almost sacrificed. A video interview with Isaac. Following the 25 minute video (made for Rosh Hashanna this year), we’ll discuss the texts from Genesis used in scripting this midrash. And maybe the role of theatre in synagogue prayer. (No actual rams were harmed in this production.)

JCC Riga - A Chance for Change

Inna Lapidus-Kinbere 

Welcome to the Jewish Community of Latvia & Riga! Take our interactive quiz - do you know Latvia? - and find out how the Riga Jewish Community has been doing since the lockdown in March 2020. How did the community react? What were the immediate steps? How did it become possible to unite even more? What skills should be used in order to overcome such situations?

Jewish Surnames and Name Changing Around the World: Diversity and Unity

Sarah Benor 

What do Jewish family names around the world have in common? Participants will learn the history and meanings of surnames like Abramovitch, Dardashti, and Hakim. They will learn about Jews changing their family names in the 20th century, and come away with an understanding of the cultural diversity and unity of the Jewish Diaspora.

Me v We in Israel's Troubled 2020

Robin Moss 

In 2020 Israel confronted two crises - one political/constitutional and the other of course being the pandemic. How Israel's leaders and society have navigated them can be understood through the lens of the rise and fall of a concept from the early years of the State, "mamlachtiut". We'll explore what it means and why it is suddenly relevant again

When the World Feels Like a Scary Place: Essential Conversations for Anxious Parents and Worried Children

Abigail Gewirtz 

Stressful world events - from the pandemic to antisemitism - affect kids through the family bubble. This interactive session, based on the presenter's recent book, will provide tools for parents to navigate difficult conversations with children, providing them with the tools they need to grow into engaged, compassionate, and confident adults.

Yellow fever, Covid and the Jews: Lessons from two great plagues in the United States

Jonathan Sarna 

Yellow Fever it devastated Memphis in 1870s and Jews played a big role in the story. Leading US historian Jonathan Sarna discusses the parallels between this 19th-century plague and the Covid-19 pandemic - and the impact of both on the Jewish world.

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