Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 17:00

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Antisemitism, Brexit and Coronavirus; An ABC of Jewish Public Policy

Philip Rosenberg 

Hear from the Public Affairs Director of the Board of Deputies of British Jews on key community public policy issues. This session will go beyond the ‘ABC’ issues to discuss the Abraham Accords, how we are working to overcome threats to freedom of religion and belief across the world and the future of Eco Synagogue.

Hidden Treasures: celebrating Jewish archives in Britain (short session)

Dawn Waterman 

Dawn Waterman from the Board of Deputies Hidden Treasures project - which celebrates Jewish archives in Britain - will be sharing some of the treasures from archives that tell the stories of Jewish women in Britain. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

The best of Limmud South Africa: Aroused to laughter: Sarah’s conception scene re-visited

A Spotlight on Limmud South Africa  Adina Roth 

International Hub

When the three angels announce that the long-suffering Sarah will have a child within a year, we are given a unique glimpse into Sarah’s innermost responses, including, her laughter! A close reading of her reaction, using mefarshim and literary analysis, challenges our preconceptions of her marriage as well as notions of post-menopausal sexuality.

My Jesus Year: What a rabbi's son learned from spending 52 Sundays at 52 churches

Benyamin Cohen 

The quixotic journey began with a simple question: Why are church parking lots full while synagogue attendance is at an all-time low? What, if anything, can we learn from them? Adventures and misadventures ensued and by year's end, to Cohen's surprise, his search for universal answers and truths in the Bible Belt actually made him a better Jew.

Seeing Complexity in Conflict: Moving Beyond Stereotyping and Dehumanisation

Simon Lichman 

The Centre For Creativity in Education and Cultural Heritage, Jerusalem, brings together Jewish ‎and Arab school communities through educational programmes based on Folklore. A photographic ‎presentation will bring this work alive and show how these programmes can engender pockets of ‎hope within a complex and often seemingly bleak situation. ‎


The Making of RBG

Julia Wagner  Julie Cohen 

Celebrating the life and work of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020), a Jewish, feminist trailblazer. Julie Cohen, co-director of documentary film “RBG” (currently streaming on Netflix UK), joins us to discuss making "RBG", her thoughts on documentary-making as activism, and reflections on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy.

The hidden Holocaust: the Nazis in the Middle East

Gershom Gorenberg 

Memory of the Nazi genocide places it firmly in Europe. Yet in 1942, Jews in Libya were trucked to concentration camps and Germany's most famous general, Erwin Rommel, was on the verge of bringing the SS to Cairo and Tel Aviv. Only a last-minute espionage triumph saved the Jews of the Middle East. Gershom will tell this story based on his book, War of Shadows.

The uses of desire: from illicit to Divine love

Naftali Brawer 

The Hasidic masters of the late eighteenth century and the contemporary American poet and novelist Jamie Quatro share a remarkable assertion, that illicit desire is rooted in Divine love. We will explore the practical ramifications and limits of this powerful yet dangerous idea.

Vicar of Dibley, Shmicar of Dibley: meet the ordained (and soon to be ordained) Orthodox women of the UK!

Eryn London  Miriam Lorie  Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Ramie Smith 

Come and meet the four Orthodox women with smicha (rabbinic ordination), or studying for smicha, living in the UK. From hospitals to jails to classrooms, each woman has brought her unique voice and teaching to the community. Each shares her journey, challenges, high points and hopes for the future. There will be a Q&A session for all those questions you must have!

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