Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 18:00

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BRCA and Me

Charlie Morgan  Laura Samuels  Oliver Joseph 

Raising awareness of BRCA mutations including how it can be inherited from a male and the importance of getting tested. This session will also raise awareness of breast and ovarian cancer symptoms

Speed Friending

Limmud Social Programming  Michele Benson 

Social Programming

Were you a child when The Beatles Topped the Pops? Do you Zoom and live solo? If yes, here's your chance to chat one-to-one, and oppose or propose some serious and silly motions I prepared earlier. 50 minutes of fast-paced fun. "See" you Sunday at six!

Flickers of Hope

Esther Sills 

Flickers of Hope is a new project launched by the Council of Christians and Jews which seeks to use craft and art to shed light on social injustice, and in turn catalyse change. So get out your art tools, and whether it's through embroidery or marker work, join us in this workshop as we create our own hanging flame decorations inscribed with a key call to action. All are welcome

Foreigners, Aliens, Citizens - Medway and its Jewish community

Irina Fridman 

Discover the unknown history of one of the largest provincial Jewish communities of Victorian Britain and its relationship with the Gentile community - relationship, shaped by the religious, social and political landscapes of the Medway towns of Rochester and Chatham throughout the centuries, until the 1930s, just before the Second World War.

Jewish Marriage Ceremonies through the Ages

Peter Sevitt  Emma Sevitt 

An evolution of ritual: from biblical and medieval times up until today's "modern" marriages. Join us to hear and see Jewish marriage ceremonies through the ages, including a story from a 12th Century pre-nuptial agreement from the archives of the Cairo Geniza. Simcha is about community - so bring a schnaps and celebrate with us - Mazel Tov!

 Picture1.png  Ketuba 1750.png  1850 Grooms robe upon marriage to Aziza Sasson.jpg

Leonard Cohen: a prophet for our time

Daniel Lichman 

In 1964 Leonard Cohen, a young poet, castigated the Jewish community for failing in the task of the Jewish people to ‘restore the face of G!d on earth’. This session will interpret a selection of his songs through the lens of this prophetic task. Can Leonard help us understand our task as Jews in these dark times?

The uncertain state of politics in Israel

Reuven Hazan 

Israel went to the polls twice in 2019, again in 2020, and there is a likelihood that it will do so again in early 2021. This session will discuss the Israeli political system and how it differs from the UK. It will explain why no government could be formed after the two elections in 2019, why one was formed in 2020, and why it is so precarious.

Why I don't (usually) attend Limmud

Keith Kahn-Harris 

The online format of Limmud Festival 2020 offers us an opportunity to hear virtually from those who wouldn’t normally attend Limmud Festival physically. In this unique session we will hear from people who wouldn’t normally attend Limmud. What can Limmud learn from those for whom the Festival is a turn-off?

“And you shall teach your children”: How about your parents? And friends? Redesigning Jewish learning & leadership for the 21st Century

Adam Rossano  Yaffa Epstein 

In the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, we often define transmission as something topdown. We also have options expressed in our texts where teaching & leadership happen bottom-up. Through Jewish learning & success stories of Moishe House programs, we’ll see how the peer-to-peer model adds a promising dynamic for the future of Jewish communities.

 Redesigning Jewish Learning & Leadership for the 21st Century - Session Handout.pdf

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