Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 19:00

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Maajid Nawaz in conversation with Mick Davis: a response to the Uyghur crisis

Maajid Nawaz  Mick Davis 

A high-level discussion of what the Uyghur crisis means in an international sense and for all of us, why it is happening and what levers cannot - or will not - be pulled to bring about a change.

Modern day Yente

Aimee Belchak 

From working on the West End production of Fiddler on the Roof to playing a real life Yente, millennial matchmaker Aimee Belchak shares the joys and pitfalls of setting up a Jewish blind dating agency during a global pandemic.

MoveMeant-Embodying Sacred Texts

Yonatan Arnon  Kobi Goodwin 

A spiritually-infused embodied journey exploring our connection with ourselves, with community, and with the divine. We incorporate mindfulness and movement techniques while reviving ancestral words and chants through niggunim, poetry, music, and song. We founded MoveMeant so that every human being might feel more at peace in their body.

 Limmud U.K MoveMeant's Text.docx

Oy! What a day... (1/3)

Limmud Social Programming 

Social Programming

Hosted by a long-time Limmudnik, this session is an opportunity to take some time out from the main programme, meet other participants, and reflect on the day that's been.

Religious pluralism in Israel - today’s situation and looking to the future

Gilad Kariv 

This session will consider the achievements and ongoing challenges of the pluralistic religious streams in Israel and will also discuss the connection between the struggles for recognition of all religious streams with the process of developing a constitution for the state of Israel. Participants will be encouraged to take part in the discussion.

The Mizrachi revolution in Israeli music and literature

Lawrence Englander 

If you attend an Israeli wedding these days, chances are that you will hear a large dose of Mizrachi music – joyous, upbeat and full of love. Yet in the early years of Israel’s statehood, Mizrachi culture was perceived as inferior to the European Ashkenazic majority. In the aftermath of the Six-Day War, that status began to change. This session will trace the rise of Mizrachi culture through music and poetry.

The problem with slave memorials: a perspective from Jewish history

Aviva Ben-Ur 

This lecture will review the controversy over tearing down old monuments and building new ones to commemorate enslaved people of African origin, and will consider the impact of new memorials. The talk will reference the argument that historic sites, among them sites built by and for Jews in slave societies, are the most powerful slave memorials.

Tips for Researching Your Jewish Genealogy and Q&A Session

Daniel Morgan-Thomas  Laurence Harris  Leigh Dworkin 

This session will consist of two parts: the first part will be a presentation (20 mins) on Tips for Researching your Jewish genealogy. The second part (30 mins) is an opportunity to ask questions relevant to your own family history so that a panel of experts can offer initial support and advice in how to begin or take next steps in your genealogical journey.

 Tips for Researching Your Jewish Genealogy - Limmud 2020 - Notes for attendees.pdf

Under My Hat: What does Orthodox feminism offer Jewish life?

Sally Berkovic  Adena Berkowitz 

Sally and Adena will be in conversation about how women’s Talmud scholarship, emerging Orthodox women clergy, enhanced ritual participation, women’s political and communal leadership and the ‘modesty wars’ are influencing an Orthodox community struggling to be ‘fit for purpose’ in contemporary society. What Orthodox Black Swan might be ahead?

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