Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Sunday 21:00

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Keep kalm and kvetch

Carole Shaw 

HM Queen keeps a well-guarded secret. She will finally reveal her all to the select Limmud audience. You are regally commanded to attend this performance with audience participation, SingalongaLiz & a quiz. Listen out - what are Prince Charles’ & Philip’s real names? What do they do each morning? Awf with their heads to the losers!

Tolerance is for Latke Toppings - LGBTQ Jews We Celebrate: A Personal and Communal Journey

Abby Stein 

For too long we have focused on "tolerating" and "making space" for LGBTQ Jews. That might've been a start, but being queer and Jewish is beautiful; we need to celebrate it. Through her education as a Hasidic Rabbi, work as an activist, educator, model, and the media, Abby Stein will use ALL of her experience to share how we can accomplish that.

What happens to Judaism after the synagogue?

Limmud @40 Programming  Dan Libenson  Ron Wolfson  Miriam Lorie  Matt Plen 

The synagogue has been the centre of Jewish life for centuries, but as membership within the community declines people are starting to ask - what comes next? The panel will discuss the outlook for synagogues, whether the current decline in affiliation can be reversed, and what other structures might strengthen the future of the Jewish community.

When halachah and ethics collide, what should we do?: case studies

Nathaniel Helfgot 

Committed to tradition and its sacred texts, yet animated by our deepest moral and ethical values - which also have their roots in our being created in the image of God - how do we navigate situations when these come into tension? The session will examine a number of classical biblical and rabbinic sources and case studies that have struggled with these issues.

The Rebbetzin's Disco

Limmud Social Programming  Jacqueline Nicholls 

And you shall love the lord your God with all your heart, soul, blues, rock, pop and disco funk. When you lie down and when you get up. When you're outside for 'exercise' and online in your home. So clear the furniture and turn up the music. Zoom. Let's chase the day away. The Rebbetzin's Disco is brought to you by Jacqueline Nicholls.

The best of Limmud Mexico! Rescuing musical instruments from the Shoah, How music saved lives

A Spotlight on Mexico  Vivi Viskin 

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