Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 09:00

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"One size fits all" - new models for religious education in German public schools and their implications for the Jewish community

Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer 

It cannot be overlooked: Germany is a multi-religious country. But what does this mean for religious education taught in public school? We discuss the specific model of "Religious Instruction for all 2.0" which was introduced in selected schools in Hamburg five years ago and ask whether it meets the demands and aspirations of Jewish education.

'And then I came to live in Glasgow'

Angela Shapiro 

Gathering the Voices has collected over 50 testimonies from men and women who came to Scotland to escape from Nazi persecution. Most settled in Glasgow and had a range of jobs including a lorry driver, a pedlar, university professors, a journalist, nurses, children’s writer, teachers, a potter and an artist.

 A5 Gathering the Voices Flyer VER2 0119 (3) (1).pdf

Are you sitting comfortably? Feldenkrais @ Limmud

Emma Alter 

Many of us are sat for longer periods in these last months, often in front of the computer, leading to discomfort or pain. This practical session will teach you how you can use movement to find more comfort when seated. You'll be using your sensory-motor learning to find greater ease in sitting. You'll need a chair, and clothes you can move in.

Go green - ecological innovations in Israel

Oded Gvaram 

Israel is known for its technological capabilities in water desalination, but it still has many challenges in public transport, sustainable recycling and clean energy. Come hear about the latest developments and about the different communities in Israel that choose to live more ecologically, learn about the renaissance of community gardens in Jerusalem, and about the biggest compost project in the Middle East.

Spotlight on Limmud Sydney: The Transmission of Oral Torah

A Spotlight on Limmud Sydney  Simon Holloway 

International Hub

It is a commonplace, oft repeated, that the ancient rabbis believed their traditions to have originated with Moses at Sinai. But if that is so, how were those traditions transmitted, and by what means were they distilled into the Talmud? In this session, we will explore the Talmud's understanding of that precise chain of transmission, from Moses in the first generation, down to Ravina and Rav Ashi in the fortieth. Along the way we will remark upon some of the contributions of those individuals credited with this transmission, and the other texts that they were believed to have composed.

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust

Henry Cohn 

Controversy has raged for nearly 60 years over Pius XII's actions and attitudes towards the Jews before and during World War II. This lecture will outline the arguments between the passionate opponents and supporters of the pope and discuss what light the recent opening of the Vatican archives may shed on the drive towards his canonization.

Chavruta - Tuesday

Limmud Chavruta  Pete Tobias 

Theme: God and me. This is a double session which runs from 9:00 until 10:50. Please download the materials before you come to the session. (Kindly note that there is a participant limit for this session - but there is another Chavruta session at 3PM if the room is full!)

 Chavruta texts - Limmud 2020.pdf

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