Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 10:00

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"Everything you wanted to know about working in human rights but were too afraid to ask"

Vicki Prais 

Vicki Prais will offer up some candid and personal advice and share some of her 24 years' experience as a practitioner in the field. Her talk will focus on opportunities in the sector, lifestyle, ideal skills and qualities, international & domestic opportunities and top tips!

Inter Faith – Disagreements between Friends?

David Mason 

There has been a large growth in inter faith work over the last few years, and within that a surge of what the late Rabbi Sacks called ‘side by side’ work. Faith groups getting together to help solve issues, campaign, reduce suffering, contribute to society. And so, at reasonably high levels, all seems well between faith leaders. Below the surface however, there are tensions between faith communities over differences. For the Jewish community these differences are often a function of the importance of Israel to our world and the sometimes disproportionate and aggressive by members of other faiths. I will look at how we can hear those of other faiths, be heard by others and transform tensions into disagreements between friends.

Brexit and the Jews

Ruth Deech 

History has shown that when Empires grow too big and start to fragment, the Jews suffer. Has the EU reached a point where resentment against distant centralised control, and lack of solidarity, gives rise to extremist ideology? Are our human rights and our Jewish rights better protected by a sovereign nation state or by a Union?

Dealing with Covid: The Royal Free London and Royal Free Charity's response

Judy Dewinter  Rachel Anticoni 

Following the award-winning BBC 'Hospital' programme, come and hear Rachel Anticoni, Chief Operating Officer at the Royal Free Hospital, and Judy Dewinter, Chair of the Royal Free Charity. They will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on patients and staff, the charity's response and how both organisations have had to flex and adapt.

Extreme preterm babies - to treat or not to treat

Refoel Guggenheim 

We will discuss the definition of the beginning of life in Jewish and secular medical ethics and their impact on the treatment of extreme preterm babies. We will study the halachic principle of a preterm baby and it's consequences on decisions in treatment of a preterm healthy and sick baby and then apply these principles to three case studies.

Israel: A patchwork of people

Gila Levitan 

Beyond the 3 religions in Israel are minority communities that have chosen to make Israel their home. Journey from the Black Hebrews of Dimona, the Makyuya to Kibbutz Beit El, to the Ahmadi’s of Haifa and see how diverse people play a special role in the Israel of today. What are their cultures? What do they believe?

Kosher Foxtrot

Tony Zendle 

Who knew that there was a Golden Age of dance bands in Britain during the middle of the last century, and that many of the bandleaders were Jewish? These sons of immigrants became the pin-ups of their time, with a fanbase from royalty to factory worker, and were at the very heart of British musical culture. Discover their fascinating story.

 The Album.pdf  archer.pdf  THE TIME OF MY LIFE.pdf  when harry met gracie.pdf  flyer_foxtrot_book.pdf

Marriage under a Chuppah for a Mixed Faith Couple

Aaron Goldstein 

Liberal Judaism's Conference of Rabbis and Cantors recently announced permission for members of a Liberal Jewish congregation, committed to having a Jewish Home, to celebrate their marriage under a chuppah. An emotive topic, we will create a safe space to find out more, consider this decision and its place in the Jewish Community.

Chatty Cafe - Tuesday

_ Jewish Care 

Welfare Hub

Pop along with a cuppa for a chat with a friendly face, at our virtual Chatty Café. Meet new and old friends of all ages and backgrounds. Share a story or two about Limmud or anything else! (Facilitated by staff of Jewish Care)

Chavruta - Tuesday (continued)

Limmud Chavruta 

This is the second part of a session which begins at 9:00. It is not possible to join the session at 10:00.

House of... French

House of French (in French) 

House Of...

Welcoming all French speaking Limmnudnik to come together to share our love of speaking French and Limmud in one place.

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