Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 11:00

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Belarus in 2020: on the brink of change

Beth Saffer  Alex Fenton  Valeria Jegisman  Alexandra St John Murphy 

Until 2020, Belarus was not really a hot topic. Now, we watch a struggle for democracy unfold during the global pandemic. World Jewish Relief has been working in Belarus since the 1990s and today supports hundreds of older Jewish people through the local community. Join us to unpack the current situation and discuss prospects for change.

Intersectionality for the Limmud Community

Naomi Rowe 

Naomi Rowe has been working as an Intersectional Music Therapist for over 5 years, specialising in work with LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse clients. She will present on this work, research and relevant publications as well as detailing her experiences as a person with multiple minority identities living in a small Jewish community.

LE@F - Tzedakah vs. Charity: How Fundraisers Help Donors

Limmud Elements @ Festival (LE@F)  David Levin-Kruss 

Ever feel a bit (or a lot) awkward when asking for money? Especially in the middle of a pandemic? Come find out how Jewish sources invert our assumptions and make the giver the receiver and the receiver the giver.

My grandpa would have said " Io so' jodìo romano" (short session)

Valentina Calo' 

The session will focus on the development of the jewish roman dialect, a language began in the 16th century. This will cover the topics of  what this dialect is and how it reflects the story , tradition and culture of the jewish community of Rome. A journey that will lead you from the evolution of a language of emergency to the modern literature. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

Television and teshuva - three great excuses for watching lots of Netflix (and DVDs)

Tamra Wright 

Spiritual growth can take many forms. We will explore what we can learn about teshuva (repentance) from two award-winning American tv series -- 'The West Wing' and 'Northern Exposure'. Then we will ask about the meaning of life and the nature of morality, with 'The Good Place' as our guide. No prior knowledge of philosophy required.

 Television and Teshuva handout.pdf

Tzipi Hotovely, Israel’s ambassador to the UK, in conversation with Colin Shindler

Tzipi Hotovely  Colin Shindler 

This year, Tzipi Hotovely moved to London to become Israel’s first female ambassador to the UK. She joins Limmud for the first time for an engaging interview with Colin Shindler, author of A History of Modern Israel, about Israel, its relationship with the UK and the Diaspora, and the new reality of the Middle East.

Vladimir Nabokov's wandering Jew: mapping the history of Agasfer

Anoushka Alexander-Rose 

Anoushka presents the first translation of Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov's dramatic prologue 'Agasfer' (1923), which builds on the existing literary tradition of the wandering Jew, mapping how this legend evolves throughout Nabokov's works, appearing variously as a helper, a sinner, and a victim (post-Holocaust).

You're hired: how to get a job in 2021

Victoria Sterman  Jonathan Bergwerk  Kim Maidment  Mike Beral 

The job market has undoubtedly changed as a result of COVID-19. Resource's employment experts will share with you what employers look for, give you tools to help publicise yourself to prepare to get work, and help you prepare for interviews. With live examples we’ll divulge Resource’s top tips how to master a Zoom job interview and win that job.

 Resource Limmud Handout.pdf

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