Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 14:00

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Bones and Souls: When our Adopted Heroes Save Them Both

Susan Silverman 

Remembering to bring Joseph's bones was key to our redemption from Egypt and the woman who made it possible was an Elijah-like figure whose life spanned generations. And, like other of our redeemers, she was adopted. What is the connection between adoption and redemption?

Can a Reform Jew be conservative?

Andrea Zanardo 

Is there room for politically conservative Jews in the Reform movement? Going beyond the assumptions with a Reform Rabbi who is not a conservative (yet?).

Decision making to secure a Jewish future

Mandie Winston  Raymond Simonson  Jo Grose  Michelle Janes 

Three huge organisations, three experienced leaders and three sets of monumental decisions that have had to be made this past year to secure the future of the Jewish community. The United Synagogue, JW3 and UJIA have all had to pivot to ensure their survival while assessing what they will take forwards even after the age of COVID.

Does your rabbi know you're here? Football and the Jewish people

Anthony Clavane  Danny Caro 

Join Anthony Clavane, award-winning author of 'Does your Rabbi Know You're Here?' and sports journalist, Danny Caro, for a light-hearted and enjoyable conversation talking about how Jewish people in the UK have impacted the football world and vice versa, and how the two cultures are not so different.

In conversation with Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon: Can Israel’s opposition defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in March?

Moshe Ya'alon  Anshel Pfeffer 

Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon is a former IDF Chief of General Staff who served as Israel’s Defense Minister from 2013 to 2016, when he resigned from the government due to significant disagreements with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Leader of Telem party, he currently serves on the Yesh Atid-Telem list, the largest opposition faction in the Knesset. He joins Limmud for an exclusive conversation with journalist Anshel Pfeffer to share how he plans to unseat the Netanyahu government and to put Israel back on track.

Israel and the Palestinians: what's the end game?

Noru Tsalic  Harrison Engler  Ruth Deech  Harry Markham 

In this session, the panellists actually disagree with each other (unusual at Limmud, I know!) They will each present their point of view and will argue passionately – but also respectfully. What’s more, you – the audience – will have plenty of opportunity to challenge them. Join us and don’t forget to bring in those inquisitive questions...

Old Wine, New Jugs: Ancient Text and Modern Media

Sara Wolkenfeld 

Explore the challenges and opportunities at hand when we experience ancient Jewish texts through the power of new media, and delve into traditional understandings of advances in media and technologies for study. What does it mean to have access to new ways of studying, and how might it enhance our relationship to Torah?

Prophetic Power & Politics: How Jews Can Create a More Just World

Jonah Pesner 

International Hub

Rabbi Pesner will lay out the compelling challenges we continue to confront as we seek a world of wholeness, justice and peace, given the rise in white supremacy and bigotry. He will deal with racial disparities, voting rights and mass incarceration in the United States, and more.

The mental health benefits of knitting (short session)


The session will be conducted from an occupational science-based perspective. It will introduce the peer-reviewed research around knitting’s benefits and how it promotes wellbeing to all ages. It will also provide a brief overview of how it assists with mental health, and will offer multiple resources for beginners during the time of COVID-19. Please note this session is 20 minutes long.

Afternoon Chavruta with Hadar's Project Zug

Limmud Chavruta  Aliza Abolafia 

Some afternoon Chavruta hosted by Project Zug, part of Hadar Institute.

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