Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 15:00

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A revolution in Israel's Haredi population and what it means for the future of Israeli and Diaspora Jewry

Dov Lipman 

There is a street-level revolution taking place with Haredim seeking general education and opportunities to serve in the IDF, and joining the workforce. Rabbi Lipman will describe what is actually happening on the ground and how those remarkable changes will impact religion and state issues, and the future of the Israel-Diaspora relationship.

Does the UK welcome refugees? The asylum system explained

Amos Schonfield 

Ever since the Holocaust, the UK has been required to give refuge to anyone with a well-founded fear of persecution. But how does that system hold up today? You will come out of this session understanding more of the minefield someone seeking asylum faces in our Home Office, and how to refute many of the arguments levelled against them.

Food and Intimacy: Hilchot Kashrut as a Spiritual Practice

Leah Sarna 

With whom do you share your food? Who is allowed to eat off your plate? This session is a halakhic deep dive into laws about people eating dairy and meat at the same table. We will follow the halachic process from the Talmud through Medieval scholars and probe their assumptions about the intimacy that arises when two people eat near each other.

 Food and Intimacy (1).pdf

How does the Jewish community remain intact?

Limmud @40 Programming  Marie van der Zyl  Debbie Young-Somers  Claudia Mendoza  Alex Goldberg 

Some say it is hard to describe the UK Jewish community as a single entity any more - that instead there are ever more dividing lines between sectors and denominations which don't understand each other. Will the "Jewish community" remain an understandable unit? Who speaks for the Jews? Our panel will discuss these questions and what they think the future holds.

Is Progressive Judaism a form of Mystical Judaism ?

Etienne Kerber 

Do you think it is true ? Do you think it is not ? How does this statement resonnate in you ? Together, we will explore three strong parallels between Progressive and Hassidic Judaism. And according to the jewish tradition, there will also be room to debate !

Peer support group (Tue)


Welfare Hub

This is dedicated to giving and receiving support. You are welcome to join our friendly group to share your experiences and hear about others in a non-judgemental space. We start and end with short guided meditations followed by a sharing circle in which each person is invited to speak. Then we reflect on some of the themes and offer mutual support

The complete rabbinic library in 60 minutes or less

Isaac Landes 

The rabbinic library can be a little confusing. If you have ever wondered what’s the difference between Mishnah and the Mishneh Torah, Tosafot and the Tosefta and why the Talmud remains so important then this sessio is for you. At the end you will have a clear understanding how the major rabbinic works fit together and will never be confused again!

The plague and the Jews: an introduction to the Black Death

Eyal Levinson  Elisheva Baumgarten 

This session will introduce the European fourteenth century and the situation of the Jews before and during the Black death and will discuss what we know about pre-plague life based on textual and archeological sources.

Where in the world are all the Jews?

Joey Leskin 

Literally, where are we? This session will leave you knowledgeable about the whereabouts of the majority of the world’s Jews today, what these diverse communities look like, and will leave you eager to jet off to communities worldwide the moment we can travel again. Inspiration, information and entertainment are guaranteed; flight tickets are not.

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