Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 16:00

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Are the kids alright?

Limmud @40 Programming  Robin Moss  Rebecca Fetterman  Joanne Greenaway 

Our children are our future, but how is that future doing? Our panel of experts involved in Jewish youth provision in schools, synagogues, youth movements and beyond will discuss the trends across the sector, the outlook for the next generation, and what developments will be needed to meet the challenges of the decades to come.

Celebrating ethnic diversity in the Jewish community helps us fight racism

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt 

The Jewish community is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial community: from Mizrahi Jews, to Ethiopian Jews, to Indian Jews. Fully acknowledging and celebrating this diversity is not only a key part of celebrating Jewishness, it also helps us tackle and understand racism, both in and out of the Jewish community.

From the back of the bus to the top of the agenda

Anat Hoffman 

This session will consider the challenges facing women in Israeli society, emphasizing the struggle to fight gender segregation (due to religious coercion) in the areas of public transportation, public ceremonies and events, and women’s “voices” on religious radio stations that benefit from public funding. Participnts will be encouraged to contribute to the discussion.

Intermarriage in Early Rabbinic halachah and aggadah

Laliv Clenman 

Intermarriage is a very timely topic today, but how did the rabbis approach this issue in the early stages of rabbinic development? In this session we will explore the rabbinic imagination of intermarriage through a range of fascinating texts from the tannaitic period (Mishnah, Tosefta and Midrash). (Texts in original and translation).

 Laliv Clenman Limmud Intermarriage 2020.pdf

It's not you, it's meme

Noam Kantor 

Does it surprise you that Facebook only banned Holocaust denial on its service in October 2020? Or that the US military reportedly buys user location data from Muslim prayer apps? Both of these situations bring up fundamental questions of privacy, speech regulation, and economic incentives. Let's discuss: what is tikkun olam in cyberspace?

 It's Not You, It's Meme -- Limmud 2020 Sourcesheet.pdf

Jews on the Move: Responses to the Plague in Medieval Europe

Hannah Teddy Schachter  Albert Kohn 

COVID-19 recalls various pandemics in our history. As Part II of our series on the great plague of the 14th-century, this session explores Jewish responses to deadly times in the European Middle Ages. Let's consider the challenges medieval Jews faced and see how movement - dancing and resettlement - helped them transition through periods of hardship.

Mark Halawa-The Jew from Kuwait

Mark Halawa 

In Mark's session, he will discussing growing up Palestinian, anti-semitism, discovering Israeli tv, his soul searching journey from Canada to Israel where studied full time at Yeshiva and where he met his wife and got married.

“Zot Torat Hollywood” - When Sages And Scripts Get Together

Daniel Epstein 

How many times have you thought: “This [insert Bible story/concept here] should be a movie!” Daniel Epstein takes you on a journey through Hollywood, to see what radical Jewish ideas lie at the base of the coolest storylines. After all, what could Tenet, Minority Report, Gravity, Matrix, Endgame, and Inside Out possibly have in common...?

Silly Games for Grown Ups (Zoom Edition)

Limmud Social Programming  Harrison Engler 

Social Programming

Limmud can be a bit much. Come let off some steam and meet other participants for such timeless classics as charades, musical statues, and anything else we can adapt for remote fun. No prior knowledge of the rules required. Just push aside the furniture, make yourself camera-ready, and get involved!

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