Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 18:00

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Do vile views make you a vile person?

Ari Deller  Laura Janner-Klausner 

Do vile views make you a vile person? Do you have any control over your beliefs? Should you be held responsible for them? This session will explore the question of whether evil beliefs make evil people, looking at secular and Jewish approaches. The session should be fairly interactive.

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How Jewish is the Modern Jewish State - a View From the Frontlines

Seth Farber 

Being both a licensed member of Israel's Rabbinate and someone who is trying to improve it, Seth Farber will explore the present day challenges through his experiences at ITIM. In particular, he will focus on a number of cases that ITIM has filed in Israel's supreme court suing the chief rabbinate in order to make it better.

Is 2020 a turning point in how Jewish communities function?

Limmud @40 Programming  Michael Harris  Rachel Grunwald  Georgina Bye  Deborah Blausten  Graham Carpenter 

We can't wait for this year to be behind us - but will the experience of social distancing and self-isolating continue to impact our community for years to come? Or will everything just go back to how it was? Our panel share the triumphs and difficulties of enabling Jewish life through a pandemic and discuss the legacy this experience will leave.

Lockdown Scavenger Hunt

Limmud Social Programming 

Social Programming

Last year's Programming Chairs wanted to create a scavenger hunt that would take you all over the Birmingham Hilton. They ran out of time. Back this year to fulfil this life-long ambition, join Emma, Simon and possibly Jake on a wild ride through the contents of your own homes.

Standing again under Sinai: understanding the Sages’ misreading of Torah, and planning our own

Dan Libenson 

In the chaos after the Temple’s destruction, the Rabbinic Sages built a new version of Judaism. To do so, they re-read—or misread—the Torah. In our chaotic time, we need to build the next version, and we’ll have to misread the Torah with the same gusto. Let’s look at the Rabbis’ most important, and blatant, misreadings and consider our own.

The street texts of British-ruled Jerusalem

Yair Wallach 

In 1920, Palestine's High Commissioner and the Governor of Jerusalem embarked on a project to name and signpost the streets of Jerusalem. In this talk, I will discuss the colonial logic of that operation, how it changed Jerusalem, and how Arabs and Jews reacted to the new names – and to the other street texts that rewrote the urban landscape.

What's education got to do with it? Understanding the role of education in refugee journeys

Moses Seitler  Hamid Khan  Catherine Gladwell 

Refugees and crisis are synonymous. But what happens when things settle down and young refugees start to build their futures in the UK? Join the CEO of Refugee Support Network, Catherine Gladwell, and Hamid Khan, a refugee from Afghanistan, in conversation with community organiser Moses Seitler to discuss the crucial role of education in the lives of young refugees.

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