Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 20:00

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21st Century Chevra Kadisha In The Age of COVID19

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Evidence of a Chevra Kadisha goes back to the early Rabbinic Period. But how do we perpetuate our tradition—including the central practices of ritually caring for our dead—in these fraught times? How does the role of the “Holy Society” fit into contemporary life and stay relevant in the face of plague, anti-Semitism and the coming Silver Tsunami?

 Proposal For Chevra Kadisha's Expanded Role..pdf  Holy Friends-NTM Spring 2019.pdf

A taste of Limmud - highlights from the years

Limmud @40 Programming  Raphael Zarum  Yaffa Epstein  Gila Fine  Shimon Felix 

Join some of our experienced presenters as they share some of the best of what they have experienced over the years at Limmud. Some will share the best content they ever taught, others the story of their most insightful Limmud experience. All will leave you entertained!

Daniel Cainer in virtual concert

Daniel Cainer 

Smart, warm, funny and profound multi-award winning off-Broadway veteran Cainer is back with more unique stories-in-song. All the human condition is here, lovingly and intelligently depicted: brilliant rhyming, wordplay, great musicianship and haunting tunes you won't forget. The most fun you will have had with your clothes on since lockdown began.

Spotlight on Limmud Bogotá: HASKALA. The movement that forever changed the Jewish People

Marcos Peckel 

We will discuss the Haskala (illustration) movement that started with MOSES Mendelsohn in Germany and quickly spread to other parts of European Jewry. Its ground breaking influence in Jewish Historiography, Education, ways of leaving, Hebrew rebirth and as a father of current trends in Judaism as modern orthodox, conservative, reform and key to the founding of Zionism.

Live or Die: Make Your Choice (The Theology of Saw)

Natasha Mann 

"Confess. But there are rules. I want to play a game. Live or die: make your choice." Join Natasha Mann, rabbi at New London Synagogue, in an exploration of the theology of the Saw film franchise, confession, death, and the High Holy Days. What might Jigsaw have to teach us about the nature of the Divine? (This session is not for the faint of heart...)

What war zone?!: Standup comedy from Israel

Benji Lovitt 

Benji presents a hilarious picture of the Holy Land by deconstructing cultural differences and the immigrant experience. His energy and enthusiasm will make you laugh out loud as he sheds light on embarrassing Hebrew mistakes, Jewish holidays, and especially, pandemic life in Israel.

Zooming In: Lockdown and the Screen

Julia Wagner 

During 2020, many of us have spent more time engaging with screens than ever before. This session explores the new challenges and benefits of online life to Jewish communities, from Zoom weddings to virtual film festivals. I discuss practical and psychological implications of screen-time and offer my top picks of 2020’s Jewish-themed film and TV.

Rashut Harabim as a Pluralistic Hub for Jewish Entrepreneurship in Jerusalem

Inbar Bluzer Shalem  Yonatan Arnon 

What is the difference between the public sphere and the personal sphere? Are they different in your home, neighbourhood or the city we share? In the term "public sphere", our Sages inspire us to conduct an ongoing conversation between the public and the private life. We in Rashut Harabim see it as an opportunity to explore the diverse entry points in the public sphere of Jerusalem. Join us for a conversation about the Jewish renewal initiatives that promote a Pluralistic public sphere in Jerusalem.

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