Limmud Festival 2020

Limmud Festival 2020 – Tuesday 21:00

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And still we sing!

Judith Silver  Zöe Jacobs  Mich Sampson 

In this year, maybe more than any within living memory, we have needed all the comfort we can get. For so many of us, your trusty presenters included, songs and singing and sharing the beauty of melody and lyric can provide that comfort. And we would love to share them with you.

The best of Limmud Mar del Plata: Argentine Jewish film, a window into the soul of a community

A Spotlight on Limmud Mar Del Plata  Kevin Levin 

International Hub

Limmud Mar Del Plata brings you the session 'Argentine Jewish film: a window into the soul of a community'. In this session we will explore the work of three Argentinean Jewish directors (Daniel Burman, Gabriel Lichtmann and Ariel Winograd) who have made mainstream movies explicitly exploring Jewish themes and identity. By viewing excerpts of their work, we will also analyse some of the main issues within the Jewish community of Argentina and Latin America in general, including the dichotomy between insularity and integration, assimilation and religious conservatism, the relationship to Israel and the challenges of Jewish pluralism. All excerpts will have English subtitles, so no previous knowledge of Spanish or Latin American Jewry is required.

The Telling: Explore the Greatest Hits of Jewish thought, and how they can enlighten and enliven all of our lives

Mark Gerson 

Join author, philanthropist and entrepreneur Mark Gerson in an intimate conversation about his forthcoming book, "The Telling: How Judaism's Essential Book Reveals the Meaning of Life". Through Limmud's partnership with United Hatzalah, Israel's largest volunteer lifesaving organization, attendees will receive a copy of the book.

What will change our world in the next 40 years?

Limmud @40 Programming  Paul Wolpe  _ JAMI  Laura Janner-Klausner  Simon Rocker  Robert Simmons 

Limmud's 40 years have coincided with big changes in society, so it seems certain the next 40 years will have something similar in store. What will they be? Four presenters will each give a different perspective on the trends and issues which could be important in the decades to come.

The best of Limmud Mexico! The Jewish question in modern literature: Marcel Proust and James Joyce

A Spotlight on Mexico  Boris Gerson 

Come along to hear about what Limmud looks like in Mexico and a little about the wider Jewish community there.

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