Limmud Festival 2023

Limmud Festival 2023 – Monday 17:50

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Consonant shifts - Grimm's adventures in how languages fade into each other

Frank Adam 

Orange 13

The Brothers Grimm 'Fairy Stories' and German dictionary first showed how letters shift between accents and languages. We shall look at letter groups on the anatomy diagram, then at French and German GCSE vocabulary. When you go from Hebrew to Talmud Aramaic, or Arabic in Israel, this will help as anatomy applies to all languages.

Crossies and cordies

Yoni Stone  Baruch Gilinsky 

Red Bar/Lounge

Come join us in the bar for some sweet, sweet solving. You bring the crossies. We’ll bring the cordies.

Do Jews have a future in the UK?

David Mason  Sarah Sackman  Michael Wegier 

Orange 15

Against the backdrop of the Gaza conflict, there has been a significant surge in antisemitism and an increasing sense of vulnerability among the Jewish community. In navigating these challenges, how can we envision a positive role for ourselves as a minority in the UK, as we move forward into the 21st century? Considerations include shaping our relationship with mainstream British society and fostering connections with other minority groups in our midst.

Family Beit Midrash: Toilet Talk in the Talmud

Lara Haft Yom-Tov  Yael Jaffe 

Green 28

Admit it: we all think bodily functions are hilarious and fun to talk about. So do the rabbis. In this session we will explore the mysterious Torah of poo, farts, and other Talmudic delights. Kids and their grown-ups are invited to join forces by studying in chavruta (study pairs), with guidance from teachers.

Gender identity, political teaching and sex education: challenges facing our schools

Dan Squires 

Red 2

Dan will look at difficult legal issues facing schools, including Jewish schools. How to respond to children wanting to change gender identity? Can single sex schools admit/exclude trans children? When does teaching on current affairs, such as the Middle East conflict, become political indoctrination? How to teach about sex and sexual orientation?

Hug a tree or sing a song? How music can super charge your climate change education

Jessica Gold 

Yellow 21

Everyone can remember a jingle or a song from their childhood. Explore how songs can help children learn key sustainability concepts and gain the confidence to be the change. I will show how Project Earth Rock has empowered children through using accessible and engaging media. Everyone welcome, especially current and aspiring teachers and leaders.

Human tragedy: God’s direct action or just bad luck?

Tony Frais 

Red 3

Jewish people, be they pious or not, can be the victims of a cruel fate. The traditional response by rabbis is that these acts, cruel and merciless as they may seem, stem from an act of God that is beyond human comprehension. However, I will be arguing that God has no control over man's fate and that tragedies happen only from bad luck.

Reading Eichah in Cheshvan - how an ancient text echoed my own experience

Shoshana Cohen 

Orange 12

How might Eichah (Book of Lamentations), one of the most gruesome and sad in the Bible, provide comfort in this difficult time in our history? How might we process our personal experiences of fear, anger betrayal and sadness on a communal level? Through a careful read of the text, we will look at how Israelis are turning to ancient texts to begin to put some pieces back together.

Sing Lewandowski! (1 of 2)

Jonathan Weissbart 

Yellow 24

Louis Lewandowski was a composer of synagogue music in Berlin in the 19th century. His compositions are still sung today in synagogues around the world. In these sessions we will sing some of his original compositions and hopefully have an opportunity to perform them. Suitable for sight-singers. Bring your singing voice!

Social-Environmental Jewish Networking (SEJN)

Felipe Burman 

Red 7 - Brightsmith

Air pollution affects 99% of the world's population according to the World Health Organization. There are children who can't go to school during days with high levels of pollution. SEJN will be a network of change-makers willing to support and share solutions for sustainable development. It will begin at Limmud Festival. Join the session to be one of the first members.

Stories of war and peace

Robbie Gringras 

Red 1

An evening of physical storytelling for these times. Perspectives, laughs, and perhaps a little comfort. Robbie Gringras draws on his 30-year bank of stories to present a specially curated show for Limmud 2023.

The Jewish collage club

Joe Hyman 

Blue 34

Who knew cutting up paper and sticking it in fabulously surprising ways could be so fun? Come and join me for a chilled session making art out of old magazines, colourful paper and whatever fun materials you can get your hands on Festival. Fun Jewish creative prompts will be provided. Everyone welcome!

Time to reminisce

Ruti Roche 

Red 8

Limmud participants span the whole age spectrum. This session invites some youngsters to meet with those perhaps 70+ to hear what life was like pre-computer and pre-easy travel. Were you involved in the war, in rationing or a refugee? What were your home, school and Jewish community like? Come along and share some of your life stories.

Torah, chuppah and forced marriage

Yehudis Fletcher  Eve Sacks 

Red 4

Has forced marriage become embedded in some of our community practices? Do we recognise it when we see it? Why is it so hard to talk about?

What did Abraham have to do with the Abraham Accords?

Toby Greene 

Orange 10

Whilst the political motivations for Arab states to normalise relations with Israel are well known, this session looks at the religious-cultural language around the Abraham Accords. Was this just branding, or a real attempt to rewrite the script of Arab-Jewish relations? And what will be the fate of all this following the Israel-Hamas war?

What's new in Jewish history (2 of 2)

Michael Pollak 

Red 5

This is a superfast tour of the year's output of books, articles, online posts and podcasts on Jewish history. From the deeply profound to the profoundly dippy. You will learn how to bluff your way through in intellectual company and amaze everyone with your erudition.

1400 whys – Pirkei Avot at the Gaza border, October 7th

Daniel Goldfarb 

Orange 14

So many good people, from infants to elderly, were murdered, raped, kidnapped. So much suffering. From Moshe Rabeinu (Moses our Teacher) to this very day, we ask – WHY? What answers do Judaism in general, and Pirkei Avot (The Ethics of the Fathers) in particular, provide?

Family Story Time

Limmud Families Programming 

Blue 32 - Families Lounge

Please join us before bedtime for a story! We want you to feel cosy and enjoy this time to wind down after a busy day! You're welcome to be in your pyjamas!

Families Softplay Exclusive Use

Limmud Families Programming 

Yellow 23

From Crisis to Resilience: Unveiling the Modern-day Saga of Jewish Communities in Ukraine

Victoria Godik 

Orange 11

Explore the resilient journey of Ukrainian Jewish communities, emphasizing their experiences in crisis and current-day resilience. Using personal stories from the "Exodus 2022" Project, historical context, and contemporary examples, this presentation delves into the community's struggles, triumphs, and ongoing resilience from the past two years.

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