Limmud Festival 2019

Limmud Festival 2019 – Monday 16:00

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Antisemitism - the original fake news

Charlotte Henry 

Yellow 21

Fake news and post-truth have become all too prevalent concepts in our current age. However, they are actually not new. Journalist Charlotte Henry, author of the book 'Not Buying It - the facts behind fake news' explores how Jews were some of the original victims of these phenomena, from the blood libel to modern-day holocaust denial.

Chulent and hamin: the stew with 1000 flavours

Joel Haber 

Orange 10

Wherever Jews have spread through our complex and storied past, we've carried a simple Shabbat stew with us, adapting it to the local ingredients and tastes. A culinary history of this most Jewish of dishes that will whet your appetite, but not sit heavily in your stomach.

Circus Jews under National Socialism: a hybrid talk/performance

Stav Meishar 

Red 7

A historical exploration of the lives of Jewish circus artists during the Nazi regime, their legacies and their fates. Diving into the process of transforming real stories into stage work, the talk will be woven with excerpts from Stav's theater-circus show "The Escape Act - A Holocaust Memoir". Aimed at adults but suitable for history-loving teens.

Climate change and national security in the Middle East

Gidon Bromberg 

Red 3

The Middle East is considered a climate hotspot due to its natural water scarcity, social tensions, political conflicts, and ongoing immigration crisis. Temperature rise, decrease in precipitation, and extreme weather events are already happening. This session will discuss the national security implications of this looming environmental crisis.

Come study with us: intergenerational Jewish learning

Luz Toff 

Blue 32

Join Luz and some wonderful young people who learnt some texts earlier together for an intergenerational study session and discussion on what these texts could mean to us in our lives today. Sources will be provided in Hebrew and English. No experience needed, come and learn.

 Come Study With Us_ Intergenerational Text Study @ Limmud Festival 2019.pdf

Contemporary Yiddish culture and life

Vivi Lachs  Kobi Luria  Jan Schwarz  Michael Wegier 

Orange 14

What does Yiddish culture look like around the world today? Although peoople have been proclaiming the death of Yiddish for more than a century, it persists today in both Israel and the Diaspora as both a repository of national memory and as a living, creative language. Join our panel to explore some of the ways in which Yiddish continues to grow and develop in the 21st century.

Disruption, deconstruction, transformation - are we there yet?

Richard Marker 

Red 5

The Jewish world, as the world at large, is in the midst of major transformation and realignment. About to enter the 3rd decade of the 21st Century, we will look at several "transformation" initiatives to see if any have brought about the kinds of transformation imagined when they started. What defines their successes or failures?

Getting out the pit through Psalm 30: Poetry to punctuate your life

Benjamin Stanley 

Red 8

We will jump into Psalm 30, said in the morning, considering its powerful lessons about psychological lows and audacious courage. We will draw inspiration from the way the psalm boldly inverts key dramatic biblical episodes, and we will pay close attention to language.

Hurricane Dorian, 72 hours later: a category 5 case study in the Bahamas

Tamar Lazarus 

Green 27

Just returned from IsraAID’s emergency relief mission to the Bahamas following devastating Hurricane Dorian, hear Tamar’s experiences. Meet the people, listen to their stories, and get a glimpse into the islands, reeling from disaster. Find out more about IsraAID’s immediate and ongoing response in the Bahamas, and how you can help!

In defence of "eye for an eye"

Jeremy Tabick 

Red 9 (Boulevard)

Jewish tradition is clear: when the Torah says to physically punish someone who injured another, it means to pay them money. How can we, then, also claim to be following the Torah’s law? We will look at the Talmud’s attempt to explain this discrepancy, and in the process reevaluate our assumptions about the biblical texts.


Jews, colonialism and Israel

Lyn Julius 

Red 4

Are Jews white, people of colour, victims of colonialism or collaborators with it? Is Israel the last outpost of western colonialism? Identity politics put Jews on the wrong side of the progressive divide. How can the experience of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa help to dispel current myths?

Knit and natter (2 of 4)

Melanie Kelly 

Purple 31 (Bar)

Limmud is a great place to learn and exercise your brain. It's also a great place to exercise your fingers and fine motor skills! Come and join us each afternoon for some creative yarn based arts. We'll knit together and chat about what we're enjoying at this year's festival. If you've never knitted before, come and try it out!

London Jewish Male Choir

_ London Jewish Male Choir 

Yellow 24

Join the ever-popular London Jewish Male Choir for our Chanukah performance of songs from across the choir's repertoire, which includes Israeli, Yiddish, Ladino, Chassidic, Renaissance, liturgical, musical theatre, folk and contemporary music. An entertaining and enjoyable concert, suitable for all ages.

Meditation 2: float like a butterfly; don't sting like a bee

Janet Berenson 

Green 26

One aim of meditation is to control our wandering minds. Another is to free us from the restrictions we create for ourselves, so that we can be our best selves. Together we will meditate on the tension and balance between chesed (loving-kindness) and gevurah (strength and judgment). There will be time to explore safely your personal challenges.

 Meditation 2 Float like a butterfly 2019.docx

Midnight in Paris, travels in time, Woody Allen and Talmud philosophy

Uriel Aiskovich 

Yellow 22

Midnight in Paris is one of the few movies of Woody Allen with no Jewish reference. Nevertheless, we may find many connections between the idea of traveling in time, sitting at the same table with masters from different generations, and the Talmud. A journey with Cole Porter, Fitzgerald and Dali into the literature of the Talmud and imagination.

Modern jive dancing (1 of 2)

Jonathan Hunter 

Red 1

Come along for a fun lesson in this partner dance. It's easy to learn the basics and can be danced to many different music types. This is the first of two sessions, each will be standalone - come to both if you enjoy it, and get ready to show off the moves you've just learned at the disco later!

Shira Britannia: David Hoffman showcase

David Hoffman  Shira Britannia 

Red 6

David’s style of Jewish rock music is lively and contemporary, including original music for liturgy and services as well as songs on Jewish themes. This session is recommended for fans of blues and rock. Come and enjoy highlights, backed by Shira Britannia and the Limmud House Band.

Tackling sexual violence at universities

Ilana Hutchinson  Rachel Vogler 

Green 25

16-25 year olds are the age group most likely to experience relationship abuse. Awareness raising on campus is a core part of our work at Jewish Women's Aid and this session will provide an overview of the realities of sexual violence and assault at university. We'll share the work we're doing to support young people on campus today.

The Church response to the Holocaust: British Christian army chaplains and the liberation of Bergen-Belsen

_ Council of Christians and Jews  Rob Thompson 

Blue 34

This session will explore an extraordinary story of Christian-Jewish engagement in the midst of the liberation of the camps when Christian clergy - chaplains to military units and hospitals - encountered Belsen, engaged in pastoral care for survivors of the Holocaust, and committed to sharing testimony.

The new Israel, the new cultural gatekeepers

Akin Ajayi 

Red 2

Israel banned The Beatles (sort of); restricted colour TV; and today still acts overtly to protect a national cultural consensus. New media and online culture have opened up new possibilities, inserting nuance and complexity while running the risk of being co-opted. Akin Ajayi discusses three examples: pop singer Stephane, graffiti artist Ometz, and poetry collective Ars Poetica.

The online “gamification” of far-right terrorism

Mark Gardner  Dave Rich 

Blue 33

How a global online network celebrates and fuels terrorism from New Zealand to America and Europe. The notion of “Lone Wolf” far-right terrorism is outmoded by this phenomenon, with incitement to violence occurring collectively. The problem also reflects how technology and modern media are utilised by terrorists and extremists.

The problem with Easter

Bernard Cohen 

Orange 11

We explore the 2000 year old problem caused by disconnecting Easter from Pesach, meeting along the way theologians, royalty, mathematicians and terrorists from Jerusalem, Rome, Alexandria, Byzantium, Nicea, Ephesus, Smyrna, Athens, Scythia Minor, Canterbury, Whitby, Iona, Holy Isle and Belfast. And we will also learn some astronomy and mathematics.

 missing histories.pdf

The revival of Jewish life in Kraków

Mateusz Lagosz 

Yellow 23

Kraków - a beautiful city in southern Poland, with a fascinating, nearly a millennium long Jewish history, where over 25% of its pre-war population was Jewish, and sadly only a small percentage survived. In the last decade this city has been experiencing a fascinating rebirth of its Jewish community

The unschoolables? Explore how the JW3 Gateways programme tackles the issue of young people unable to cope within mainstream education

Aviva Goldschmidt Kaufmann  Ali Kosiner  Sarah Mendelsohn  Laurence Field 

Orange 13

The JW3 Gateways programme provides access to educational, vocational courses and pastoral support, in an environment where students feel safe, understood, and supported to reach their potential. Hear from the Gateways team who will share their approach in supporting these young people to overcome their barriers to learning and beyond.

(Re-)imagining Jewish: what should our people look like in the future?

Isaac Herzog  Sarah Tuttle-Singer 

Orange 15

At a time of dramatic change and innovation in the Jewish world, both inside Israel and in the diaspora, where are the Jewish people headed? And where should we be headed? Join Chair of the Jewish Agency for Israel Isaac Herzog and journalist Sarah Tuttle-Singer for a conversation on these themes, with opportunity for questions as well.

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