Limmud Festival 2019 - Presenters

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Presenters: W

Adam Wagner

Adam is a human rights barrister at Doughty Street Chambers. In 2015 he founded and now chairs the human rights education charity RightsInfo. He is a visiting professor of law at Goldsmiths University and has recently launched the Better Human Podcast.

Monday 12:00
Monday 12:00 Is the Labour Party institutionally antisemitic? (1 of 2)
Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Gay cake and other fascinating recent legal cases about religion
Wednesday 10:45
Wednesday 10:45 Is the Labour Party institutionally antisemitic? (2 of 2)

Julia Wagner

Julia Wagner is a film lecturer and writer. She holds a PhD in Film Studies and an MA in Italian Studies. Julia is curator of archive project, Jewish Britain on Film. She regularly hosts Q&As with filmmakers and is passionate about film education and public engagement.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Jewish Britain on Film
Monday 10:45
Monday 10:45 Mrs Maisel and friends: the Jewish women behind the TV revolution
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 "Jewface": is Falsettogate cultural sensitivity towards Jews in the arts, or just the oversensitivity of artistic Jews?
Wednesday 09:30
Wednesday 09:30 Shtisel: the passion and pain of a Haredi heartthrob

Lewis Warshauer

Lewis is an independent Jewish adult educator based in New York and a veteran Limmudnik. His interests include understanding the bible through art, power and politics in Judaism, and the workings of Jewish law. He is also a great fan of the British detective novel and sings oratorios.

Monday 09:30
Monday 09:30 Responding to the Clive Lawton challenge

Dawn Waterman

Dawn is the Board of Deputies' Archives and Heritage Manager. She is managing next year's Year of Jewish Archives.

Monday 09:30
Monday 09:30 Tales from the archives

Ruth Waterman

Born in Leeds, Ruth has enjoyed an international career as a solo violinist, from London’s Proms to New York’s Great Performers at Lincoln Center. She is also a writer, conductor, educator, broadcaster and painter; her book When Swan Lake Comes to Sarajevo was an Observer Book-of-the-Year.

Sunday 16:00
Sunday 16:00 Shema!
Monday 14:40
Monday 14:40 Creating connections and bringing people together in post-war Bosnia

Naomi Webber

Naomi is a junior barrister and lifelong Limmudnik. She has a particular interest in how secular law interacts with religious issues - a topic that never fails to spark lively discussions!

Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Gay cake and other fascinating recent legal cases about religion

Sandra Webber

Sandra is from south east London. She has taught cheder for 25 years. She studied German, Italian and public administration. She has retired twice and now has three jobs in miscellaneous corners of governments.

Wednesday 10:45
Wednesday 10:45 Book dippers - a kind of literary speed dating

Michael Wegier

Michael is an educator, strategist and fundraiser who has worked in Jewish communal organisations in Israel, the USA and the UK. He most recently served as chief executive of UJIA and now runs an independent consultancy.

Monday 16:00
Monday 16:00 Contemporary Yiddish culture and life
Monday 21:45
Monday 21:45 Wanted: Jewish educators
Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Unsettling
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 I am a zachor Jew. How about you? (1 of 2)
Wednesday 09:30
Wednesday 09:30 I'm a Zachor Jew. How about you? (2 of 2)
Wednesday 19:15
Wednesday 19:15 It’s the Jewification game!

Alona Weimer

Alona Weimer currently lives in Leipzig, Germany. When not in Germany, Alona mobilises American Jews on racial and economic Justice. She graduated Brandeis University with a degree in Black Studies, and has participated in the JOIN for Justice Organising Fellowship and the Yeshivat Hadar Fellowship.

Wednesday 17:20
Wednesday 17:20 Navigating community in exile: critical race theory and constructions of Diasporic identity

Neta Weiner

Neta is an Israeli artist and social activist. A lead singer for the multilingual Jewish-Palestinian hip-hop ensemble System Ali, Neta is also artistic director of Beit System Ali Culture Centre in the Jessi Cohen neighbourhood in Hulon.

Saturday 22:30
Saturday 22:30 HipHop from Jaffa
Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Bar Purple Opening Night Shindig
Monday 18:40
Monday 18:40 70 tongues
Tuesday 19:15
Tuesday 19:15 The right of return
Wednesday 10:45
Wednesday 10:45 Polemics and Poetics: The tensions and intersections between art and activism.

Jonathan Weissbart

Jonathan is a regular ba'al tefilla (cantor/service leader) and choral conductor in various synagogues around London. He takes tunes from a variety of different sources, whether choral or Carlebach, traditional or modern, quaint or quirky, and blends them into the liturgy to enhance the services.

Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Bach, Mombach, Carlebach! Does synagogue music have to be traditional?

Emma Weleminsky-Smith

Emma is the activities and volunteer manager for the House of Life at Willesden Jewish Cemetery, a project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by the United Synagogue. She previously worked in the learning team of the Jewish Museum London and as a religious education teacher.

Tuesday 13:20
Tuesday 13:20 Uncovering buried histories

Jake Welford

Jake is co-founder at JCal (, and freelances in digital marketing. Outside of work, he YouTubes about freelancing ( and is writing a book provisionally titled: Thinking Backwards, about contrarian and counter-intuitive thinking.

Monday 19:15
Monday 19:15 Launching Jcal - the new Jewish digital events platform
Wednesday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00 The future of Jewish social events
Thursday 10:45
Thursday 10:45 Thinking backwards - the untold power of contrarian and counter intuitive thinking

Corrine Westwood Servi

Corrine is one of the Families co-chairs this Limmud. She is the mother of two amazing children and the Head of a Music Department in a secondary performing arts school in Barnet. She is a musician and artist and has many years experience in working with young people from diverse backgrounds.

Sunday 19:00
Sunday 19:00 Families Kef: The curse of the Chanukah pirates
Monday 22:00
Monday 22:00 Strictly come parenting

Linda White

Linda White is the founder of ImaginationPlayProject. She creates experiences for all ages using a variety of objects that encourage exploration and engage the senses. Linda has worked with communities in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Israel.

Saturday 18:45
Saturday 18:45 Shabbat Studio
Tuesday 17:20
Tuesday 17:20 Language of light
Wednesday 18:40
Wednesday 18:40 Community connections

Brett Wigdortz

Brett founded and led Teach First for fifteen years, building it into the largest graduate recruiter in the UK. He is co-founder and CEO of and chairman of National Citizen Service. He is a trustee & co-founder of Teach First Israel (Chotam) and the Fair Education Alliance.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Money or meaning? Making the most of your 80,000 hours
Tuesday 21:45
Tuesday 21:45 Teach to Lead - a career surgery

Deborah Williger

Deborah Williger received her PhD in agricultural sciences and her MS in International Agricultural Development. She worked in Germany, Austria and India. She is a cow whisperer. She received her BA in Jewish and Religious Studies and her MA in Jewish Theology and currently serves as lecturer.

Sunday 21:45
Sunday 21:45 Purity, kashrut and sustainability

Atira Winchester

Atira has been director of programming at New Israel Fund UK since 2015. Prior to this she was head of creative learning at JW3. Passionate about Hebrew, Atira also holds an MA in English Literature.

Tuesday 12:00
Tuesday 12:00 Unsettling
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 'A Land Without Borders': New Israel Fund film screening and discussion

Vivian Wineman

Vivian attended Yavneh Yeshiva and Cambridge University and recently obtained MA from UCL on Jewish History. Vivian practised as lawyer and has lectured on Jewish History at Spiro and Limmud UK, China, and Oz. Vivian is the past chair of Peace Now and the New Israel Fund, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, chairman of the Council of the European Jewish Congress and vice-president of the World Jewish Congress

Wednesday 10:45
Wednesday 10:45 Bar Kokhba: valiant hero or the greatest disaster in Jewish history

Ben Winton

Ben is a philosophy graduate, qualified teacher and currently works in policy. He pursued his religious interests by attending Yeshivat Maale Gilboa, Pardes and Hadar. When not thinking about the future of the Jewish people, Ben can be found bouldering, meditating or hanging out with his wife, Ren.

Wednesday 10:45
Wednesday 10:45 Arguing for arguments

Rachel Winton

Rachel is an artist and filmmaker from London. Her first film about queerness in the Orthodox community was made in 2017 and in 2018, she was 1 of 10 artists chosen to take part in the 10-month Collaborative-Studio residency at UnionDocs in Brooklyn.

Tuesday 21:45
Tuesday 21:45 Long winter nights: a creative exploration

Irene Wise

Irene Wise is an artist and senior lecturer in Media and Culture at University of Roehampton. She is an Imperial War Museum Fellow in Holocaust Education and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. Irene exhibits artwork and publishes illustration, and writes on a variety of cultural subjects.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Artists’ responses to the Dreyfus Affair
Sunday 21:45
Sunday 21:45 Barbra Streisand in 'The Way We Were' (1973) - watch and discuss!
Tuesday 19:15
Tuesday 19:15 The Jewish art of Jesus and the Crucifixion
Wednesday 14:40
Wednesday 14:40 Last stop Coney Island - life and photography of Harold Feinstein & panel discussion
Wednesday 21:50
Wednesday 21:50 Rhoda - the funniest sitcom ever?
Thursday 09:30
Thursday 09:30 Churchill and the Movie Mogul

Jonathan Wittenberg

Being a child of German-Jewish refugees profoundly influenced his life. He likes trying to understand and build relationships, between us, our Judaism and our spirituality; between different faiths; between refugees and hope; between humans, plants and animals. Just published "Things My Dog Has Taught Me".

Sunday 21:45
Sunday 21:45 Earth Judaism: a Shema@Limmud session (1 of 3)
Monday 09:30
Monday 09:30 Earth Judaism: a Shema@Limmud session (2 of 3)
Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Earth Judaism: a Shema@Limmud session (3 of 3)
Tuesday 18:40
Tuesday 18:40 Post-truth, alternative facts and the Torah of Truth?

Guy Woolf

Guy is an actor, director and composer based in London. He is creative director of represent theatre, dedicated to redressing the socioeconomic imbalance in theatre, and currently touring his one-person drag show around the UK. He is thrilled to come to Limmud for the first time.

Sunday 20:30
Sunday 20:30 Bar Purple Opening Night Shindig
Sunday 21:45
Sunday 21:45 Becoming Electra: a queer mitzvah
Monday 10:45
Monday 10:45 "Becoming Electra: a queer mitzvah" - discussion

Tamra Wright

Tamra Wright is Director of Academic Studies at LSJS, and a visiting lecturer at King’s College London. She has published on Buber, Levinas and post-Holocaust philosophy. Her most recent book, co-edited with Peter Atterton, is “Face to Face with Animals: Levinas and the Animal Question”.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Money or meaning? Making the most of your 80,000 hours
Monday 13:20
Monday 13:20 Knowledge, feeling or fun – what’s the most important thing for young people in a Jewish school?
Tuesday 20:30
Tuesday 20:30 Those who can... teach: Celebrating teachers who make a difference
Wednesday 17:20
Wednesday 17:20 "That's why everyone hates moral philosophers": Jewish thought and "The Good Place"

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