Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 11:00

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A Life in the Family Courts

Margaret de Haas 

Room 9

Margaret will be looking at the changes over the years in the Family Courts, and some of her more remarkable experiences over this time.

Jewish Meditation in the Mainstream

Roland Brandman 

Room 3

An insight into the history and state of Jewish mindfulness and meditation in the UK. Includes a short period of meditation, suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.

Jewish Synagogues of Istanbul and our Family Synagogue Parmakkapi Abudaram

Sandra Abudaram 

Room 5

This session will explore the Jewish synagogues of Istanbul, including our family synagogue, the Synagogue Parmakkapi Abudaram.

Louis Golding: Bloomsbury's Mancunian Jew

Aviva Dautch 

Room 7

Before Coronation Street, there was Magnolia Street and its soap-opera style stories of immigrant Cheetham Hill. We will meet novelist and screenwriter Louis Golding, creator of this Jewish forerunner to Coronation Street, exploring his writing about the Manchester community as well as his unconventional life in literary London where he befriended, and was published by, the Bloomsbury Group.

The 12 Steps Through the Lens of Torah

Joseph Dweck 

Room 1

12 Step programmes have been hugely successful in treating addiction. We will look at the steps, the principles behind them, and the corresponding concepts in Torah literature. We will also look at addiction itself in the eyes of Torah.

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