Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 12:00

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How can a new Jewish Museum help make better connections between diverse Jewish communities?

Max Dunbar  Gareth Redston  Alexandra Cropper 

Room 10

Manchester’s new Jewish Museum will open later this year, with new state of the art galleries, learning spaces and even a new café and shop. Our beautiful Sephardi Synagogue building has also been lovingly restored. In this presentation members of the museum team will share stories from the museum’s collection, give you a sneak peak of what to expect when the new museum opens and ask for your help in shaping the museum’s new activities.

In Conversation with Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham  Robyn Ashworth-Steen 

Room 6

Andy Burnham was elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester in 2017, having previously served as an MP and a member of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet. In this conversation, Robyn Ashworth-Steen will find out more about Andy Burnham's path to becoming Mayor, his opinion of the role of an elected Mayor and his vision for the future.

Sugar and Carbs and Staying Well in Covid Times

Jacqueline Lewis 

Room 4

Join Dr Jackie in her solo presentation, where she will discuss an experiment on herself, when she wore a blood sugar monitor for nearly a fortnight even though she isn’t diabetic. Which was worse, the bagel or the slice of kuchen? Why did it matter and what are her recommendations now on how best to eat for weight control and your immunity to Coronavirus and other future viruses?

The Floating Palace – A Daring Midrash Linking Theism to Peoplehood

Raphael Zarum 

Room 2

The midrash was the workshop of the sages in which they sought to uncover the most profound meanings of the Torah. We will analyse an ancient midrashic text that inspects a range of biblical verses to uncover a surprising relationship between G-d’s existence and the obedience of the Jewish people.

Who is a (Charedi) Jew?

Yehudis Fletcher 

Room 8

Government and mainstream communal bodies frequently engage with “community leaders” as intermediaries to Charedi people - but these gatekeepers are often those who most benefit from the status quo. Yehudis will examine class and power within Charedi communities to illuminate the hidden position of those silenced and harmed by structural failures.

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