Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 13:00

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Giles Fraser 

Room 5

Chosen is Giles' book about assimilation and the ‘ghosts’ that often remain within those families that have abandoned the faith of their ancestors. It is a kind of love letter to Judaism from a Christian priest, and a reflection on their complex relationship.

Jews and Jazz Too........and a Little Bit More

Tony Zendle 

Room 9

In the twenties and thirties, Jazz was exported all over the world from the States, but in Britain it came up against a cultural and protectionist wall. This is a follow up to last year’s “Jews and Jazz” Manchester Limmud talk and will tell you how Jewish bandleaders either complied.....or found a way to make Jazz. It will tell you about the songwriters who composed iconic tunes, about collaboration with the Nazis, about the jazz players of Auschwitz and Theresienstadt, and about one man's lonely fight against racism. Then, finally, about Jews and the post-war British jazz culture.

Magic, Mechitzas, Galleries and Graves

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Room 7

Come and find out about the results of a six-year project to investigate what British Jewish women actually do and think. Find out about the amazing array of customs they’ve preserved and invented, the winds of change rocking the ritual boat, the decline of ladies’ guilds and the rise of women shul presidents ... and what women really feel about Pesach cleaning, partnership minyan, and putting red thread on baby clothes!

The Middle-East in 2021 - Israel, Iran and the Gulf States

Hagai Segal 

Room 3

It is never dull in the Middle-East, and 2021 is no exception! Yet another Israeli election, a new US policy under a new President, and ongoing tensions with Iran while Arab Gulf states move closer to Israel. Hagai will contextualise and explain all!

The Transformational Power of Gratitude

Suzy Glaskie 

Room 1

Gratitude lies at the heart of what it means to be Jewish. At a time when so many of us are battling feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, it’s more relevant than ever that we turn to the practice of gratitude – the most powerful antidote to stress. Come and learn how gratitude can transform not only your emotional health but also your physical wellbeing – and how you can make it a part of your daily life.

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