Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 14:00

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Antisemitism and the Labour Party: An Update

Adam Wagner 

Room 6

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published its damning report into antisemtism in the Labour Party. How did we get here, what does the report say and what happens next? An update session from a lawyer who acted in the investigation.

Bonding: American Relationships with Israel 1956-2000

Raphael Cohen-Almagor 

Room 8

In this session, I analyse the relationship between the USA and Israel from 1956 until 2000. This is a tale of increased, incremental bonding between the two countries. I explain the goals of American foreign policy, and the factors that influence American foreign policy. I trace how relationships between the two countries were tightened from the presidency of John F. Kennedy and further still during the Lyndon Johnson administration. The 1967 Six Day War, and the 1973 Yom Kippur War, brought the two nations closer, making the bonding stronger than ever. The trend continued during the presidency of Jimmy Carter who brokered peace between Israel and Egypt. This was his calling. Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton remained committed to maintaining the bond, despite political disagreements with Likud leaders relating mostly to Israeli policy vis-à-vis the Palestinians. Clinton’s goodwill and sincere attempts to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians, however, failed at the Camp David Peace Summit of 2000. The bond between the two countries, based on political interests, religious sentiments and shared ideological values, remains unshaken.

Finding Stability in Uncertainty: Not Knowing as a Spiritual Practice

Daniel Raphael Silverstein 

Room 4

The events of the past year have left many of us bereft of previous certainties. Our world has become less predictable, which often elicits increased anxiety. In our tradition, however, uncertainty does not have purely negative connotations. On Purim, we are actually charged to cultivate a state of not-knowing, and our mystics regard not-knowing as a helpful doorway to increased wisdom and capacity for intimacy. In this session, we will explore a range of Torah texts about not-knowing, and then experience some brief guided meditation exercises, which will help us to taste increased freedom and stability amidst our uncertainty.

Restoring the Ancient Judean Date Palm Through Germination of Ancient Seeds.

Sarah Sallon 

Room 12

The session will look at the history of the ancient Judean date palm as a major export and iconic symbol of ancient Israel. We will look at our attempts to germinate 2000 year ancient date seeds recovered from Masada and other Judean desert sites and what their germination says about the resilience of nature after such a prolonged period. We will also look at the fascinating genetics of 7 germinated seedlings and how their heritage mirrors to some degree the ancient trading links of the Land of Israel and diasporas of the Jewish people.

What was G-d’s Greatest Miracle?

Dovid Lewis 

Room 10

Michelangelo, The Moon, Miracles and Man’s Magnificence

Why the Arts Matter Now More Than Ever

Nicholas Hytner  Nicola Shindler 

Room 2

A conversation between Nicholas Hytner and Nicola Shindler about the importance of the Arts as we emerge from the current crisis.

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