Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 15:00

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Never Heard of Her! Rediscovering the American Modernist Artist, Theresa Bernstein

Liz Diament 

Room 7

Engage with works of art by Theresa Bernstein, an overlooked New York Jewish artist who captured the immediacy of urban life through her predominantly working-class subjects, focusing mainly on women. During our interactive session, we will examine Bernstein's early work as she documents immigrant life and negotiates her place as a female artist.

The "Undisputed Sports King of the North": The Life, Journalism and Untimely Death of Henry Rose

David Dee 

Room 5

This talk focuses on the life, career and death of British-Jewish sports journalist Henry Rose (1899-1958), killed in the 1958 Munich air disaster alongside Manchester United FC officials, players and several other passengers. Rose may well be the “forgotten” man of 1958, but he was a well-known contemporary figure and headed a revolution in sports reporting that saw a more sensationalist and opinionated style successfully imported from America into the British press. Rose’s death and subsequent disappearance from popular memory, which contrasts starkly with how Munich has been more actively memorialised in other quarters, is also examined.

What on earth is Ecological Medicine?

Jenny Goodman 

Room 3

Ecological Medicine sees the whole body (and the whole person) as a joined-up ecosystem, and sees it within the larger ecosystem of the planet we live on. It is about looking at the causes of illness, and therefore is about preventing as well as treating illness. It begins with believing the patient (if you don’t feel right, there is a reason, even if ‘all your tests are normal’). And it asks big questions about the origins of our current pandemics, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

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