Limmud Manchester 2021

Limmud Manchester 2021 – Sunday 16:00

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Daniel Cainer and Chava Mirel in Concert

Daniel Cainer  Chava Mirel 

Room 2

Chava is one of the leading lights in North American Jewish Music, known for her beautiful, soulful voice and haunting compositions. Daniel is a multi-award-winning songwriter and musical storyteller and Limmud favourite. During lockdown they have been remotely collaborating for an album that will be released later this year: Daniel in the UK, Chava in Seattle (where she is also the Artist in Resident at Temple de Hirsh Sinai). Hear them preview some of this material as they trade their songs and perform some unusual Zoom duets. This should be a lovely concert with stereo high fidelity sound and the perfect way to end your Limmud day.

So you’ve heard of Samson…What about his Mother?!

Robyn Ashworth-Steen 

Room 8

Samson’s mother is perhaps one of the most hidden characters in our Tanach. Through the power of a good story, come and explore the strength of a nameless woman and uncover some astonishing hidden relationships in the text. By reading this text, we will explore how Aggadah (tales and stories) are crucial to how we understand ourselves as Jews searching for meaning and belonging in this world.

 Manchester Limmud powerpoint Samson 2021.pdf

What the Board of Deputies does for its Fellow Jewish Communities

Marie van de Zyl 

Room 10

Marie will inform you of the sterling advocacy and defence work the Board of Deputies of British Jews undertakes on behalf of the British Jewish communities, and all of British Jewry.

Who is a Jew?

Clive Lawton 

Room 4

Clive’s work with the Commonwealth Jewish Council takes him off the usual track of Jewish communities and, in that role, he’s discovered a significant number of people round the world claiming or wishing to claim Jewish identity or status. How, in the 21st century, are we to understand or respond to this?

Yoga for Every Body

Miriam Zendle 

Room 6

Whether you’ve never heard of yoga or you’re an experienced aficionado, come and practise with inclusive, body-positive yoga teacher Miriam Zendle. Learn more about how it could work for you; practise from the comfort of your chair and ask any burning questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to. Wear something comfortable!

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