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Limmud Together UK – Sunday 12:00

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Bitesize Resilience – a Rabbi’s Crisis Survival Diary

Laura Janner-Klausner 

Room 2

Rabbi Janner-Klausner published her book “Bitesize Resilience. A Rabbi’s Crisis Survival Diary” two days ago! It is 365 days worth of practical suggestions for emotional resilience particularly in the time of Covid-19. It’s Jewish, universal and very personal. You can download this book beforehand from her Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Jews of China: an artistic journey

Leon Fenster 

Room 4

Via Leon’s art and stories, we’ll get aquatinted with the Chinese and Taiwanese Jewish communities, and share a little of how they have been coping with the pandemic. How they got there, what drives them, and the current situation.

Time on your hands: Jewish time, then and now

Simon Goldhill 

Room 3

Are you bored during lockdown? Did you know that you can't be bored in antiquity... What does that tell us about ancient ideas of time? This talk will look at how time was thought about in antiquity. It will show how the Jewish diaspora has always been cranky about the government, how the rabbis organise time, and how God spends his mornings.

There must be an angel (playing with my art)

Emma Grant 

Room 8

For children with or without their adults and adults with or without children. We will start by loosening up, physically and mentally, by drawing to music. Once we are ready to make some fabulous art, we will be producing an angel of great proportions. You will need a few huge sheets of paper, (wallpaper or lots of scrap A4 taped together will work). Please bring paint, pastels or charcoal or anything that can drip or smudge.

"Rabbi Cooks" with you

Oliver Joseph 

Room 7

Come with the ingredients that you have in your kitchen and in one hour we will chat, catch up, talk about Jews and food and try to put together as many simple recipes as we can with the food that is right in front of you.

Middle East challenges in the COVID-19 era

Miri Eisin 

Room 6

The Middle East has gone through a decade of upheaval and war. COVID-19 will impact this arena like the rest of the world. What are the unique challenges that will influence how Middle Eastern countries handle the pandemic? Miri will describe the Middle East in 2020 as impacted by the pandemic.

Is there such a thing as Jewish writing or the Jewish imagination?

Howard Jacobson  Jonathan Freedland 

Room 1

And if there is, how well does it prepare us for this? A conversation between prize-winning author Howard Jacobson and The Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland.

Rupture and Reconstruction: a Sephardic perspective on Haym Soloveitchik's analysis of trends in 20th-century orthodoxy

Joseph Dweck 

Room 5

I will discuss how the Enlightenment and the Holocaust affected the Sephardi world, both Western and Eastern, in light of Professor Soloveitchik's paper "Rupture and Reconstruction" that examined the effects of these elements on 20th-century Ashkenazic orthodoxy.

The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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