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Limmud Together UK – Sunday 13:00

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Rosena Allin-Khan in conversation

Rosena Allin-Khan  Ella Rose 

Room 9

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan is the Labour MP for Tooting, the Shadow Minister for Mental Health and an A&E doctor. Catch her in conversation with Ella Rose discussing all things Labour, COVID-19 and current affairs.

Mandala drawing tutorial

Hettie Virchis 

Room 16

Mandala drawing comes from India and is traditional artwork. It is known for its big flowers with many layers of design however it has evolved over time and now takes many forms. It looks complicated at first glance but what I will be showing and teaching in my session is how to break it down and eventually form the most beautiful mandala artwork.

Responding to suffering: guidance from Nietzsche and Joseph B. Soloveitchik

Michael Harris 

Room 10

Suffering, a perennial feature of human life, is particularly on our minds during the current pandemic. The atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and the leading figure in twentieth-century Modern Orthodoxy, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, both offer intriguing insights into responding to suffering - and their approaches are strikingly similar.


Breaking point? Trends and challenges in the Jewish communal future

Miriam Lorie  David Filer  Oli Davidson  Yael Roberts  Amos Schonfield 

Room 13

There are more grassroots collectives cropping up within the Jewish community than ever before. Are they shunning the establishment? What does the future hold for mainstream movements and communities? Join a panel of people at the forefront of these shifts to reflect on their motivations and envisage what traditional communities can do to catch up.

The triumph of creation: what are the Book of Exodus – and revelation – really about?

Shai Held 

Room 11

Most people consider Exodus familiar: A nation of slaves cries out to God, who liberates them and reveals a new way of living at Sinai. But what if Exodus has another, equally powerful theme, the triumph of creation over chaos and of life over death? Come discover a whole new way of seeing the Exodus and the theology of Tanakh more broadly.

 Held_The Triumph of Creation.pdf

Lashevet: sit down and do yoga!

Gabi Markham 

Room 15

Take a pause from politics and Talmud and do something good for your body! This seated yoga practice will focus on mobilising the neck, shoulders, and upper back – those places where so many of us carry tension. This practice is open to all abilities and is completely wheelchair accessible.

How Israel is coping with Corona – medical, ethical and organisational aspects

Jonathan Halevy 

Room 14

Shaare Zedek Medical Center is Jerusalem’s most active medical facility for the city’s COVID-19 response. This session will review how the hospital – and Israel – have handled the challenges and dilemmas related to Corona, and how the medical community is preparing for the continuing global healthcare threat resulting from the pandemic.

 Covid-19.pdf  Covid-19.pdf

The Limmud Bar

The Bar

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